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Re-Aquired Vehicle Program

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  • I have never been so upset with a process as this one. Its taken 2 months to get to this point

and still no resolution. I was told that the packet to finalize this deal was going out last Thursday

to the dealer and would be recieved on Friday. Another lie I called Friday after the packet was a no show 

was told the checks were cut and it would go out Monday that was today. Now Im told not till June 6th.

I got this offer signed a month ago. It took me a month after it was approved to get the offer not counting all the time

the truck was at the dealer (Galpin FORD) FOR A PROBLEM THEY COULDNT FIX!!! The truck had 2000 miles. And you

want me to buy another Ford? You must be out of your mind. People this is a joke the fedral goverment is more

effeciant than these people. You need to reaccess this 3rd party company you hired because they dont have a clue

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