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SYNC 3, Calm Screen and Background

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I've seen several websites and YouTube videos discuss changing the background color on SYNC 3.  The idea is to be rid of the pale blue for something better during daytime mode.

I recently got a 2019 Explorer Sport (it's only major flaw at this point was assembly installed a driver's door sill plate from an XLT...solid black plastic without the illuminated plate).  The SYNC 3 version is 3.0.

In the Owner's Manual, print version July 2018, it lists in the Display section (page 476) two menu options that are not available on the unit itself:

Calm Screen: Enable this option to have your screen display minimal content.  Pressing anywhere on the screen, using reverse camera or touching an interactive icon returns the screen to normal content.

Background: Allows you to select a screen background color.

I tried calling--then chatting-- with the SYNC folks.  The results of the call were essentially--we have no idea, call the dealer.

The chat rep made an issue of the page title reading "SYNC 3 (if equipped)", insisting that just because the vehicle has SYNC 3, it doesn't mean its equipped with the Calm and Background Display menu options.  

Does anyone know what's up with the discrepancy?  I think the chat rep was taking an easy out with his interpretation of "if equipped" and when I told him I believed it was a software issue/mismatch with the printed owner's manual--he referred me to the dealer for "troubleshooting".  The dealer?  They tell me talk to Ford.




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