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Extended CAN PID Codes Mode 22- OBD2

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Hi -

I'm an electrical engineering student and for my senior design project I am designing a data logger for Ford vehicles 2008 and newer. So, the data logger I am designing will need to log voltage, temperature, misc OBD data and current. There are many OBD modes, with modes/services 1 and 2 being standard across all mfgs. These are hexadecimally numbered, as can be seen in the "Services" section on the table of the OBD-II wikipedia page. A mode can be referred to as, for example, mode 22/service 22/$22. With that said, mode 22 of the OBD2 is a proprietary/confidential mode defined by SAE J2190 for Ford/GM. Mode 22 is an "extended/enhanced mode" which can be accessed on the CAN network. It is only used by these two mfgs. The OBD2 interface allows for communication (transmission and receiving of messages) through the CAN network (this is basically just a network between multiple segments of the electronics whose sole purpose is communication). Within each mode, there are PIDs (Parameter IDs), each of which have a code associated with it. **By knowing the code for the desired PID, a query can be sent using software to request information about that PID.** Examples of what type of information is on a PID are 'engine torque' or 'battery current'. These PID codes should be the same for all/most Ford vehicles, and will not be present on cars older than 2008, because the CAN 11-bit and CAN-29 bit (extended) networks were not standard until then. You just need to know which PID code to use to attain the information you are looking for, and since mode 22 is confidential it makes it very hard to figure this out.

I need to know the PID code for either 'Battery Current' or 'Engine Torque'. Both can be used to determine the battery current of a vehicle ('Engine Torque' value can be used in a couple equations to determine current), which is what I'm after.

What I'm wondering is...Does anyone know the PID code for either 'Engine Torque' or 'Battery Current'? Most likely, if the person does not work for Ford, they would have had to reverse engineer the Mode 22 PIDs to determine the codes for each. Someone who services Fords may know the answer as well.

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Most of us that post in this particular section are factory workers. We  just build them, not many of us know the inner workings that in depth

My advice is post in the powertrain tech section. There's a couple of guys who are actually ford techs that monitor that section who are more likely to be able to answer your question. They don't come to this section at all. 

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