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2019 Ford Edge "Adaptive Headlamp" system inoperable

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I noticed my "Adaptive LED headlamps" weren't self-testing on startup, so I mentioned it to the dealership when I brought my 2019 Edge in for an unrelated repair.  I purchased the 301A option group upgrade, which includes the advanced headlamp system, and they're supposed to turn as you enter into corners, and self-level, etc., but mine are not performing any of those functions.  In fact, the feature doesn't appear in the vehicle menu in the instrument cluster at all as outlined in the manual for vehicles equipped.

Service looked into it and discovered that Ford engineering is aware of the problem and working on a fix.  It was verbalized to me that the LED headlights are functioning as a regular headlamp system at this time, so it is not a safety issue (I agree).

Warranty Solution:  "Found related SSM 47810 stating Ford engineering is working on the issue."

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The adaptive headlamp issue has been talked about quite a bit on another Edge specific forum. The users over there are who got the SSM  started and have been tracking it. 

As a side note, On startup my lights do move a little but its been stated on the other forum on startup during the test they would move back and forth, and up and down. Mine only move one direction, and not by much. 


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Thanks, I posted in that forum after my entry here; it hadn't occurred to me to search "SSM 47810" first. 

Ford engineering has been aware of this since at least November 2018 when they built my vehicle, intentionally omitting the adaptive lighting option in the vehicle's software...

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