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Bronco news?

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22 minutes ago, blksn8k2 said:

Really. Ford, along with the other domestic manufacturers, made every possible effort to kill the midsize truck market because they wanted to force customers to buy what they wanted to sell - full size trucks. I get it they make much greater profits that way but they didn't make a single penny from me for years and probably thousands of other potential buyers who kept what they had or went elsewhere (Toyota) to get what they needed. When they finally did decide to get back into the mid-size market they made a half-assed effort by bringing a nearly ten year old design to North America with the base engine from the Mustang. Not impressed. It smacks of still being afraid to lose a single F-series sale to themselves.


Killing Ranger was the right business decision at the time.  Bringing it back is also the right decision albeit a couple of years late.   They weren’t afraid of losing F150 sales - they couldn’t afford to spend the money on a new Ranger when the market had been shrinking for years.

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People forget the context and history behind decisions.

The decision not to go with T6 Ranger in CY 2011 had to be made late in 2006, Ford was in a dire place at that time and wasn't even sure F Series sales would survive. It had to prioritize and go with vital products as funding was very limited.

Right or wrong, the decision was made to commute as many Ranger sales as possible over to utilities (covered wagons). It was ironic that as the Ranger ceased sale in North America, Tacoma saw a near 36% year over year sales increase in 2012 that encouraged GM back into the market.


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