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Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

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Looks great!

My neighbor had one of those Mach 1's in dark gray.  It was stolen in the middle of the night a few months ago :(  Never found.

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On 1/28/2019 at 12:05 PM, Kev-Mo said:

Or, you could spend a sum to fix an older vehicle and get many more years out of it mostly trouble free!  What does it cost to replace a vehicle, not what the book says its worth.  Everyone knows a vehicle is not an investment.

I am definitely a keeper person.  I look at it this way:  I question not what the vehicle is worth in some book, but I ask myself; is the vehicle worth fixing?  My '08 Explorer is in very nice condition and would cost me the better part of $40k to replace with a 7 passenger 4x4 that can tow and haul, take the family camping, and drive in snow and ice over Colorado mountains.  If I had to drop 3k on a new transmission it would be a no-brainer.  3k vs 40k.   

I am getting older and the whole emotional need for cool new stuff is wearing off. 

Agreed. My '09 Explorer still looks and drives like new. The 2002-2010 Explorers have aged very well from an aesthetic point of view. There are very few new designs out there that can stand the test of time. Almost everything looks angry, bloated, and chaotic. I keep my vehicles for a long time so I try my best to pick vehicles that will look good for years to come. 

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On 3/18/2019 at 7:48 PM, IMSA-XJR9 said:

Here is one of the most recent pics . . . 

mach summer.jpg

Sweet Machine!:peelout:

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