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Ford Ranger Raptor Might Make Its Way Stateside After All

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1 hour ago, akirby said:

This might be the Raptor sub brand that was previously hinted (F150, Ranger, Bronco, Explorer?, Expedition?)

I really don't think there has been ANY thought given internally to a Raptor Explorer, and maybe like 5 minutes of talk about a Raptor Expedition 


But then again I recently learned there was about a 5 minute long discussion about making the GT500 a hybrid that was very quickly dismissed so you never know I guess 

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I could see bringing it with the next gen model Ranger, but I don’t think they should bring the current version with that diesel motor. That wouldn’t meet the expectations of most buyers in the US.

However, they could bring the current model out with the standard Ranger motor like when the original Raptor F150 came out in 2010 with the 5.4L. If they could bump the power by 30hp, I think that would look good on paper and hold it over until the next gen. 

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