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Fords All New Vehicles To Receive 5G by '22

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1 hour ago, jcartwright99 said:

They should but it doesn't always mean it happens. There are companies that piece all of this data together and they know everything about you. They do know who you are too! Especially with all the hacks of records, your phone number is tied to a name, which is tied to an address, which has an internet SP, which has all of your dns entries, so on and so fourth. Add to it that Equifax hack which was the worst hack ever but they brushed it underneath the rug like it wasn't that big but really it was everyone in their database. My biggest fear is what happens if this gets into the wrong hands? Black mail, extortion those sort of things.


Putting away my tinfoil hat for now. 

Yes-thats the dangerous thing-collecting data from these breaches and weaponizing it.

In more simple terms-OPM breach exposed people with security clearances, then Marriott hack (which from news stories is the biggest booker of military travel at hotels), would give you a nice picture of who might be spies or what not coming into your country.,



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