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Need help locating ordered 2019 F250

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My ordered F250 was shown on the Ford Custom Order Tracking website with an estimated delivery date of 10-30-18, so last Saturday, I went into the dealership and completed the paperwork and provided my down payment.


Unfortunately, it is now 11-2-18, the tracking website still shows an estimated date of 10-30-18, the days until it will be delivered keeps climbing every day, and the truck still has not been delivered . . . on Monday the 29th, the dealer told me that the train with my truck was located in Shreveport, LA, which is about 180 miles east of the DFW area, where I live.


I called up Ford Customer Service on Wednesday morning, and the Customer Service rep I spoke to told me that the truck was in Fort Worth, which is on the West side of the DFW metro area, but the rail yard where all the cars and trucks are unloaded is in Mesquite, TX, on the far east side . . . it doesn't make sense to me that a train would go to the far west side of the DFW area, coming from the East, and then go back east to Mesquite. . .


I contacted my dealer later that day for status of the truck, and he told me that he no longer has a viewpoint into the location of the truck, since it was marked as sold . . .


Given that the train was apparently in the DFW area on Wednesday, I need to find out whether or not that truck is still in the DFW area, or somehow they neglected to drop it off at the Mesquite rail yard while they were here, and the train, with the truck, is still headed west or southwest . . .


My VIN is: 1FT7X2A66KED09146


Can someone check to see where my truck is actually located?


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated . . .


Thanks in advance!

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You are worrying about this way too much for no reason.  It will get there eventually.  Remember what the 'E' in ETA is for?

In Transit - Received - 1I007 (Hansen And Adkins Auto Transport ) Ramp 34, Mesquite, TX Nov-06-2018, 20:06 CT.

ETA Nov-12-2018.

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Thanks for looking this up for me, cyberdman--I really appreciate this, but I found out Tuesday that the truck had arrived at the rail yard, since over the weekend, I asked the GM of the dealership to contact the Ford rep and find out where my truck is.  He told the dealership that my truck should be at the dealership in two days (it's still not there).

Sorry, I don't see that I'm "worrying about this too much"--I already Finalized the Deal, with my down payment for this truck back on Saturday the 27th, putting more than half down, and my first payment is due in 17 days . . .

Besides, I see it as absolutely unacceptable that it takes three full weeks for it to arrive in the DFW area from the plant in Louisville, KY, when the first order I made, back on August 18th, where one of the options was left off, took TWO weeks to arrive at the dealership--same plant, same destination, same route, same train . . . especially since the train carrying this truck was in the DFW area last week (two days prior to the time I made the post here) and didn't drop the truck off then when it should and could have . . . I am not the only one in this fix, there are several threads over on the Fort Truck Enthusiast forums where this very thing is happening and has happened . . . the carrier is dropping the ball here, not only for those of us who have custom ordered vehicles, but also for the dealership stock orders as well . . .


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