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Oasis Service report

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Need help with some investigation: couple of weeks ago got the Wife a 2018 Titanium loaded. all except a slight misalignement on the lift gate which the dealer said will get there bodyshop to take care of. While comparing the lift gate to others on the lot, discovered that it our car was missing the Upper Weather Strip (CJ5Z-7843720-B). the dealer we purchased the car from had the car brought in form another dealership. what i'm trying to understand is that:


- Did the car leave the factory with the missing part? if so how did it pass inspection and what else might be missing?


- If it left the factory with no parts missing; was the lift gate damaged during transport then repaired and they forgot to add a new weatherstrip.


I was hopping if I could get my hand on any service details for the car (if i provide the VIN) it could help shed some light.


Anyone with access to OASIS that could help

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