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2018 F250 6R100 shudder in reverse.


My 2018 F250SD 6.2 with the 6R100 trans has a intermittent shudder in reverse, when backup up my 12K fifth wheel up driveway, that has about a 4 degree incline.. Many other owners of same combo on another forum have same issue with 2017-2018. Dealers have not been able to solve.. Putting in 4LO resolves issue, others had suspected parking brake sticking, hill descent control, but no real fix.

Any help appreciated

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E-locker eliminates the chance of having limited slip chatter.

If it stays in 4High but goes away in 4Low, its a trans/programming issue wherein the line pressure might be too low for low throttle input/high load or there may be an issue with the Direct or Low/Reverse clutch. If it is lessened or goes away in 4High, it is most likely a pinion angle issue with the extra loading of the suspension.

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