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2019 Ford Transit Connect...

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I'm seriously considering a Connect Wagon as my Mercedes B200 replacement (when the time comes).

I think it'll make for a well rounded vehicle for my needs.

My School Bus ('17 Transit 350 148" 3.7 V6 XL) will remain dedicated for wheelchair/stretcher duties only. Whereas the FTCW will be my personal vehicle, but useful

for client/patient (aka "ambulatory") transportation.

Nothing from Ford Canada for other than a intro page and registering for updates and whatnot. No building yet, still on 2018.

Here are a couple of YT vids.

I'll definitely need to see it person. Only concerning thing is rear passenger comfort. (seating too low?) :|

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I was told that Ford is holding 2019 Transit Connect content until, I believe, September 25th. As such, Ford's hosted (FordDirect) hosted sites aren't showing 2019 Transit Connect inventory in stock until then if the Dealer's inventory feed is directly from Ford.

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