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Rob skully

What MY Mode settings do you have ?

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Hi All

We are loving our 2019 convertible 5.0 with the 10 speed auto

We now have 850 miles on it. Our My Mode settings are ....

We live in a very rural area and have had the active exhaust

on Track setting since we bought it.

We have the steering and the transmission setting in Normal

What do you all have yours set at and why ?

Thanks ....

Rob .....

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Well let's see. Hmm, mines only a 2013 so what I have is:

1) Wide open side pipes and Corsa Xtreme mufflers.

2) Use only Trackey feature (like a "tune").

3) Shocks set firm for front and medium rear (for launch weight transfer).

4) Steering set on Sport Mode.

5) Launch cal'ed for 2.5k RPM.

6) Must be a few things I can't recall even (have hood struts not prop rod but maybe doesn't count).

7) Only a 6 speed tranny.



You probably don't have spare tire, may want to check if you have Brembo brakes...... Have spare in mine but boy am I behind the times, guess I'll keep it though. post-57704-0-72911900-1536053789_thumb.jpeg

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I have MyMode set to comfort steering, normal transmission and quiet exhaust. That is my preferred mode when just cruising down the highway....especially with my wife. She is not a big fan of the more aggressive exhaust sounds. If I am just cruising along in 10th gear, I prefer the more quiet exhaust myself.


However, when I am alone in the car and driving around town, I don't use MyMode. I just have the steering on comfort, transmission on normal and the exhaust to either normal or sport.....and occasionally track if I am feeling like a hooligan.

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