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tweak details to improve existing features

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-Walk Away Auto Lock

With advanced keyless entry, when exiting the car, you have to touch a 'button' on the door handle to lock the door. The car is obviously capable of detecting if the remote is in range (for unlocking purposes). Why not use this for locking the car also? If I get out of the car, and walk away, the computer should notice that the remote has left the area, and automatically lock the car.

-Tire Fill Assistant

TPMS is capable of showing the exact tire pressue of each tire on the dash. Why not use that data to assist in filling the tires to the correct pressure? If the tire pressure is lower (or higher) than the defined pressure for the tire, and filling the tire starts to increase the tire pressure, monitor the pressure until it reaches the desired pressure then beep the horn. This would allow for getting the correct pressure on the first try every time, instead of inflate, test, inflate, test, deflate, test, etc. until you get it just right.

-Eco Mode

for any car that has selectable modes, add an ECO mode. Save fuel by reducing available power to restrict the acceleration curve, optimize shift points for fuel economy, reduce load on the engine by limiting air conditioning systems, configure cruise control to acceleration more slowly, etc. Even a Mustang ownder might want to save some fuel on a long highway road trip.

-MyKey Performance Limit Mode

Mykey currently only limits speed of a vehicle. But on a performance car (Mustang, for example), the full power of the car is still available. If one wants to allow child to drive the car, the speed can be limited, but the power curve cannot. Add an option for mykey to limit power and acceleration as well as set a top speed. Also add an option to restrict drive mode, steering mode, exhaust mode, to 'normal' mode (or maybe an ECO mode), along with the restricted performance.

-Valet Mode with Mykey

Sync 3 allows for a Valet mode, but the the MyKey system does not. add a valet mode that is selectable in the same way as MyKey settings. Enable ECO mode or Performance Limit mode to deter valet joyriding. Require a passcode to exit valet mode so that only the owner can exit valet mode. Alternatively, allow the kefob to detect when the key blade is removed, and automatically enable valet mode when the blade is removed. This would double as a 'quick release' to remove the fob from a keychain to give to a valet.

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