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Ford's New Ordering & Scheduling Policy

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I posted this information a few minutes ago in the 2019MY Fusion Production Information thread but thought that I should share it in a new thread here as the information will be applicable across most Ford model lines within the next two years!

Okay... Here's some information that's sure to generate a "healthy" discussion regarding the new ordering process and restrictions for 2019MY Fusion ordering. As I mentioned is a previous post, Dealers in a number of Northeast Regions are restricted to ordering 2019MY Fusion Hybrid & 2019MY Fusion Energi models ONLY. The only way to get gas model 2019MY Fusions scheduled is via retail customer orders.

Attached are 3 documents released to Dealers as part of the wholesale allocation meetings and 2019MY Fusion order commitments, etc. now in place.

Along with the simplified, streamlined ordering process for the 2019MY Fusion, Ford representatives are notifying Dealers that this new ordering process will be initiated across all, or nearly all, model lines within the next 2 years!

As I've written many times about the problems getting vehicles scheduled for production due to the constantly changing commodity issues and Ford forcing Dealers to take higher content models, this new change has Ford adopting the longstanding import model. Ford will determine what vehicle content it will build and schedule because Ford knows better than its Dealers what the Market wants.

Ford_2019MY Fusion_WOS_Launch_2018-08.pdf

Ford_2019MY Fusion_Order to Delivery Fitness Pilot_2018-08-01.pdf

Ford_2019MY Fusion_OME_Ordering Made Easy.pdf

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