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Explorer Sport sluggish acceleration, turbo problem?

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Greetings all. This forum has been very helpful in the past and I hope someone can point me in the right direction this time as well. I just noticed sluggish acceleration and a louder wastegate noise in my 2014 Explorer Sport. It seems to accelerate briskly to 60 but when merging on the highway at speeds above 60 there seems to be no power and the engine races without reaching redline. At the same time I noticed this change I can hear what I believe is the wastegate during the 1-2 shift and when I let off the gas after hard acceleration. I've never heard this before. I don't have a full understanding of the way the turbos work together other than I know it's a twin scroll system. Does one turbo act at lower engine speeds and one at higher speeds? To me that would make sense with the way it's behaving but I cannot find anything that confirms how they function. I've already had one turbo replaced but I didn't notice any performance issues. I brought it in for an oil leak and was told the power takeoff unit was bad as well as one of the turbos. Fortunately I have the Ford Protect Plan and everything was covered. I am a bit concerned as I only have 86k on it and I just purchased a 2018 Raptor and I was hoping they would each last over 200k like my last F150. Any info regarding how the turbos work together and if I am barking up the right tree would be appreciated. I want to go to the dealer with as much information as possible as I'm sure you have learned that in many instances we know our vehicles better than they do.

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