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E 350 V8 Tune Up

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I have read that many folks are upset about the cost of a dealer/repair place tune up and the cost of broken plugs.


I just completed the process using a 90 deg battery powered impact wrench (Milwaukee) with 60 foot lbs of torque. The 3/8" wrench = click click click ZOOOM and out came all 8 plugs with no issues at all.


I reinstalled them with the low setting of 30 foot lbs and then hand tightened a bit more (hand start first).


Just remove the air filter and associated tubes and you have access to the front 2 plugs on each side. The "dog house" removed gives access to the 2 rear plugs on each side.


The a little bit tricky part is lifting the fuel injector header up. Four small bolts and then lift and they pop up and can be moved out of the way. No need to disconnect the wires. Putting it back in is just applying a bit of down pressure to get them back into their holes.


Hope this helps but keep in mind that the wrench kit is around $250 by itself. I used the iridium plugs so no tune up for another 100k miles.


My van is currently at about 280k miles and runs like new.


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