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Dave H

2013 Escape Shaking - Ford will not fix.

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Have had my 2013 Escape 1.6L, AWD, into a local dealer numerous times for a shaking at 40mph, 60-65 mph, and 80 mph. They first told me it was tires. Vehicle has had two different sets of brand new tires on it since the shaking started. Dealership and tire dealer that installed the tires have checked and rotated the tires numerous times, and both said they were fine. First thing the dealership changed out was the right front drive axle assembly. No improvement. Then the driveshaft was removed and the vehicle test driven. Shake is gone according to dealer! Says so right on the RO. So the driveshaft was replaced. Problem persists. Then it was the rear differential that was replaced. The vehicle was fine for four days after this. Then the shaking returned. Then there was a visit with a Ford Service Engineer to do a shake test on the vehicle. After significantly loading the vehicle up with four grown men, we went for a ride. It measured a 0.3 on their test equipment. Service Engineer said the upper limit to their spec is 0.6, so Ford will not pursue the problem any further, and it was just "a characteristic of the vehicle." What a crock!!! If the problem was fixed by removing the driveshaft, and was gone for a few days after replacing the rear drive unit, how can it be a "characteristic of the vehicle?" That proved to me that it is a repairable flaw! I was close to the end of my 60k power train warranty, and I think Ford just wanted to push me aside until it expired.


If my vehicle measured a 0.3 with a very significant passenger load in it, and the max is 0.6, that tells me that theoretically I could purchase a brand new Ford vehicle that shakes almost twice as much as mine does from day one, and Ford would not fix it??

And if it is "a characteristic of the vehicle", then Ford knows they are selling vehicles that shake! Do I think they would do that? No way. It's a way to try to get me to just go away. The dealership has been great with this. It is Ford Motor Company that has made this a disgusting experience. Terrible, terrible customer relations.


Come on Ford, step up and do the right thing!! Fix it right.

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