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Hard Driver

2006 E-150 worst I've ever owned

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I have used 2 E-150 cargo vans in the past 23 years for my business and personal use. The first 1996 with a 351 was a great vehicle. I sold it in 2006 and replaced it with a new one with a 4.6. The second is a piece of crap. Paint peeling started around 50,000 miles, then rust began around roof edge all the way around, wind noise that dealer couldn't fix during warranty and finally had to sue using lemon law, engine light occasionally comes on engine idles rough (replaced all coil on plugs, still happens). Even though I was given money for the wind noise I have still had to live with it. Dealer and Ford treated me like shit. I work for Ford and will not buy another Ford for my business. Sorry, I tried.

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If you used lemon law why didnt you get a new one? Most lemon law vehicles Ive ever dealt the customer got a new vehicle.

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