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Escape How-To/ DIY's/ and Reviews YouTube Channel

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Hey Everyone,


New member here, but driver of a '13 FE SE!

I've spent most of my time over at FordEscape.org, and wanted to start getting involved in this forum as well!

I bought my '13 FE used, with 50K miles, so my warranty was up already. I used this as a "nothing to lose" opportunity to start making How-To and DIY videos for working and troubleshooting with our FE's so that we can all dig in a bit deeper and feel more empowered to do our own work :)


The videos are intended to be a minimum "fluff", straight and to the point kinda tutorials/reviews. Time is valuable :)


I've spent countless hours collaborating with other drivers on the forums and thought this could hopefully be helpful to some of us on here- here's the link to the YouTube channel I've been working on for the past year. It's called "How To Escape".... :) :



Some videos I've posted include:


- Swapping the APIM to bring Nav/backup camera to your 8'' MFT screen

- Backup camera install

- OEM roof rack install

- Ali-Express engine splash guard review

- Replacing brake calipers/pads

- Oil Change

- Reprogramming your Keyless Entry code

- Locating your keyless entry code if you lost your card


... there's more as well- I've really enjoyed working on these and am excited with the feedback and collaboration that's come with it.

Take a look around and excited to spend more time here!


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