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2015 AWD 3.5L ecoboost mustang

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but I'm not new to fords. In high school and early college I owned 5 different gm products, 3 Camaros and 2 firebirds. I traded my last camaro for a mustang and never drove a gm product again. Since then I've owned 4 mustangs (still have 3 of them in my garage including an amazing 2014 gt500) and I've owned 7 f150's...my daily driver is a 2013 ecoboost fx4 which I love. The ecoboost is an amazing engine that I would choose over any previous v8 that I've owned in those trucks, way more power than the 5.4.


I have what may seem like a crazy idea but it's only crazy if it won't work. I want to buy a brand new 2015 mustang gt, pull the engine and drivetrain, and replace it with an awd 3.5 ecoboost drivetrain from a Ford Flex. I'm an engineer and I also went to school for auto mechanics long ago, I work with several mechanical and electrical engineers that are car addicts, I have the budget to do this, and I have found a flex awd turbo donor vehicle that I can buy right now to get started. I've done as much homework as I can without buying the vehicles, can anyone here give me any advice on accomplishing this? Will it fit? Can I make it work?


I most concerned about the electrical side of this, I know I can get a stand alone computer for the ecoboost engine and I'm assuming this would work. However controlling the transmission is a different story and I'm not sure how to get this done.


I plan on boosting the performance of the engine and beefing up the transmission to handle it, hopefully somewhere around 550-600hp to the wheels. Does anyone know what the limits of the engine and transmission are currently without heavy modification? What are my weak links?


Thanks in advance for any help offered. I realize this is a big project but that's the kind of stuff we do, the challenge is all part of the fun. Plus how amazing would it be to own the first AWD 2015 mustang!



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