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Ford Motor Company September 2011 Sales

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I'd imagine there is alot of competition between the Focus and 2011 Fusions.


Focus inventories is the best I have ever seen right now. my dealer has over 50 of them in stock compared to 15 few months ago.


The competition is definitely there. I did the math when I optioned out my car and realized I could have gotten a larger Fusion, albeit with a few less toys. Also, some are still attracted by the Escape in my area, and they just can't keep the Escape in stock.


I took a look at my dealer's inventory yesterday. Some of the inventory had moved, but there are some which haven't. The ones that seem to languish on their lot are the ones that are mildly equipped. At least there were two people who purchased the SEL manual hatchbacks :)

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Chicago suburban dealers now have more Focuses on the lots. Al Piemonte Ford has +/- 25 and even posts 10% discounted prices, Golf Mill Ford has many, also. Inventory seems to be getting to "normal".


"... Ford has misjudged the market a bit. People are starting to look at the Cruze and Elantra as mid-size car replacements, but the Focus is too small..." Waaa WahhhhhAaa!


Focus "isn't selling since it's too small" my a$$! If so, why are dealers selling them off the trucks? Or so many back orders? Better to sell fewer cars for more profits, not dump with rebates or into car rental fleets. Helps resale value, too. Hyundais are now fleet queens, and there will be an over supply of used Elantras, thus retail buyers will get poor trade ins. BTW, Cruze is a nerd-mobile, like the Corolla.

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