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  1. While it’s a neat concept, sort of a waste of money at this point don’t you think?
  2. This has been done before with the Bronco. https://www.blessthisstuff.com/stuff/vehicles/misc/icon-bronco/
  3. Ridiculous comment and not even remotely related to this thread. No, that’s wear and tear (of course you know this, you just feel the need to take the side of Ford since this is a Ford forum and you are a fan boy). The discussion is regarding a lack of quality of the logo/emblem that bears the company name and is affixed to vehicles. It’s real and an epidemic sort of like the DRL burnout on GM trucks. And btw, none of my 3 Fords have a peeling or faded oval but they have always been garage kept and waxed religiously.
  4. I literally laughed out loud @silvrsvt‘s comment. Not a Ford issue? Wtf are you talking about. This is the Ford oval and it is placed on Ford vehicles. Ford decides which parts suppliers to use and has approval of the final product.
  5. 02MustangGT

    2020 Explorer Interior Pics

    They Ford-a-fied the Aviator interior. That black monstrosity in the center stack looks terrible.
  6. 02MustangGT

    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    Please explain why a sharp reduction in fleet sales is a good thing?
  7. 02MustangGT

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    No way in hell Ford is releasing a new RWD/AWD platform based on a 20 year old DEW98 design. It’s possible that it shares some components with S550 but doubtful. We won’t know for sure until someone gets their hands on a new Explorer/Aviator.
  8. That was my point, JPD. Fuel savings is secondary to performance. ~35 miles of electric only power isn’t going to lead to a huge decrease in fuel consumption, but the PHEV will certainly increase performance.
  9. @jpd80. Yep, electrification is hyped, but it’s difficult to argue with the performance impact. Aviator Grand Touring is an example and is the basis for future Ford/Lincoln performance vehicles. Fuel efficiency increase will be secondary (for the very near future), but the potential to use electric to drive performance is here.
  10. I wouldn’t consider under 6 secs to 60mph in a truck lackluster. But whatever, if Ford wants to build a new performance truck, you can bet power will be supplemented by an electric motor.
  11. 02MustangGT

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    I like the convenience factor of phone as a key. I always have my phone with me though. I mean we (or at least I do) use the phone for almost every type of transaction, in addition to multifactor authentication, etc.
  12. 02MustangGT

    2020 Explorer Spied

    I have to agree. The front design is a step back. The headlights are “plain” and similar to the current Fusion.
  13. So now the Silverado looks like a Colorado? I swear some of you folks need to open your eyes. I own Fords and always have, but some of the comments regarding competing brands on this board are comical.
  14. Fair point RMC. I have not seen the new Silverado in person. Basing my opinion on photos and videos such as the one posted in this thread. From the TFLTruck video/photos...the F-150 looks narrow and pinched next to the Silverado. Looks are subjective but I like the design of the Silverado in some of the photos, others not so much. On the other hand, the RAM is not all that attractive, especially the front end design.
  15. Agree tbone. Chevy gambled with a polarizing exterior design but doesnt win with specs that matter (towing, payload, etc). RAM took the conservative approach with exterior design. RAM interior looks great with the big screen/center stack. Im guessing the the exterior design of the All new 2021? F-150 will be evolutionary but the technology will blow the completion away.