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  1. I read the C&D article. The Ranger has negative marks for fit and finish (something about the headliner), on road ride (this has been called out by multiple sources), and braking (pedal feel and 70-0 stopping distance). They also rated it last among the trucks tested, the Gladiator was rated one place ahead.
  2. Thanks for pointing out the message from Farley. That was 6+ months ago. Things change. The Ranger needs conquest sales, no doubt about it. But yes I agree, the reality is, Ford should offer both loyalty and conquest rebates.
  3. You thought wrong. New (old) truck, late to the market, some not so positive reviews (call it what you want)...you better believe Ford is looking for conquest sales.
  4. What do you mean by “do software”? Coding? Yes and no, my profession is Cyber Security, so there is some coding involved, but not my primary responsibility. Although I have been in IT in various roles for 20+ years that doesn’t mean that I have to agree with you.
  5. Seriously. Not “ALL of the folks...blah blah blah” disagree with what he is stating. The ~13 people in this thread agree that fully autonomous vehicles landing in the hands of the general population are years if not decades away. The work to make this happen continues, that’s all @rperez817 is trying to say. I don’t understand why you always find a reason to disagree with the truth.
  6. I think by “we”, Hackett is referring to the entire industry. There are way too many variables for fully autonomous vehicles to be a viable business for the masses (or commercial use for that matter).
  7. Is that the engine that uses the CGI block????
  8. You are employed at one of ~3000 Ford dealerships in the United States. What makes you think that the other ~2999 dealers aren’t selling Expeditions? Take a look at the sales numbers...
  9. 02MustangGT

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    @IMSA-XJR9, nice! Hard to beat a road trip for a Mustang anniversary celebration. We made the trip to Nashville for the 40th anniversary event, I will never forget it.
  10. 02MustangGT

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    Great looking Mach1 @IMSA-XJR9! I rarely see any of those or 03-04 Cobras on the road. I’m guessing yours has fairly low miles?
  11. Ahh yep, that makes more sense.
  12. Yes, different color but appears that this the real “Grabber Green” in natural light. Unlike the photos that were released the other day. I prefer the shade of green on the Focus and GT500 you posted in this thread.