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  1. ehaase

    GM Novenber 2018 Sales

    I won't be surprised if Corvette eventually is GM"s only car in North America.
  2. I would love a new Thunderbird but Ford couldn't sell more than 6,000 per year.
  3. Are Atlas and Passat using all the capacity at the Chattanooga plant? I have a hard time seeing VW needing more capacity in North America.
  4. ehaase

    GM Novenber 2018 Sales

    Looking at those sales figures, I predict GM will discontinue several more car models within the next 18 months.
  5. If GM were to get rid of GMC, it would have happened during the bankruptcy. GMC sells better than ever. Mercury sales were plummeting when it was dropped. If Aviator flops, I could easily see Ford giving up on Lincoln, but hopefully Aviator is a great success.
  6. Mercury's reason to exist ended with the death of the Grand Marquis. Nobody cared about the Milan and Mariner. The GMC Sierra, Yukon, and the Denali trim still have a following. Only the big Mercurys and the Cougar in its heyday had much of a following.
  7. ehaase

    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    I expect Sonic, Malibu, and Regal to be dropped, and more electric cars to go into the Sonic plant.
  8. Chevrolet trucks and GMC trucks are very profitable, so keeping both makes sense. Resurrecting the money losing Pontiac brand makes no sense.
  9. GM needs to close more plants than just these - http://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/news/todays-industry-news-gm-still-has-massive-overcapacity-toyota-launches-several-new-sedan-variants/
  10. Probably a line Ford won't cross, but Ford versions of the Tennessee produced Passat and Mexican Jetta to replace Fusion and Focus would be interesting but very unlikely.
  11. I love the Gran Torino Squire and Montego MX Villager, then the 1977 LTD II Squire and Cougar Villager. The Country Squire, LTD Wagon, Country Sedan, and Ranch Wagon were even bigger.
  12. The 4 door F150 is the replacement for the Panthers. I can't afford one and would hate having to park it.
  13. Panther is not crap. I rode in a brand new Continental yesterday and today and find my 2010 Grand Marquis far more comfortable. But I accept that people don't want cars like Panther anymore. Hopefully I can get 20 years out of my Grand Marquis; otherwise, I will just get a Corolla. Also I would only want a detuned 5.0L if the Panther were still made. No EcoBoost. A more advanced transmission would be fine. Don't care about the IIHS test below.
  14. I also read on Automotive News that Charger and Challenger may go away after 2021. The Mopar insiders (basically the people on Allpar who know the most) say Automotive News is wrong. But I have a hard time seeing Charger and Challenger surviving much longer than that. https://moparinsiders.com/the-charger-challenger-arent-going-anywhere/
  15. ehaase

    Sedan sales

    Impala debuted for 2014; Cruze and Malibu came for 2016. I would think GM wants to get more life out of these cars. I doubt any will see another generation. Looks like Cadillac's CT4 and CT5 will just be modestly restyled and updated versions of ATS and CTS. I won't be surprised if there's not another generation of those cars either.