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  1. I can't remember last week either but I can remember the neighbors' cars when i was a little boy.
  2. I'll be 55 next week, and I remember riding in a Corvair when I was 3.
  3. Exactly what I thought when I saw it this morning.
  4. ehaase

    My First Car ‘61 Falcon

    My father's first car when he moved to the U.S. in 1963 was a 1962 Falcon wagon. He owned it until December 1969 when he purchased a 1970 Fairlane 500 wagon. I have fond memories of the first generation Falcon.
  5. ehaase

    FCA opening new assembly plant?

    Better chance that Charger and Challenger will be discontinued eventually than rebadged as Chryslers. Also, nobody wants a jacked up sedan. People want their jacked up vehicles as crossovers, SUV's, and pickups.
  6. I know the Corsair as an Edsel, but it's still a nice name.
  7. I don't consider Mustang GT's to be affordable these days. I think the last affordable Mustang V8 was the LX 5.0 of the 90's. Putting the hybrid on the V8 makes sense to me because people willing to purchase expensive Mustangs generally want V8's.
  8. Mercury lost its reason to exist with the death of the Grand Marquis. No one cared about Milan, Mountaineer, Mariner, Sable, etc., and most of the people who cared about Grand Marquis were dead or in the nursing home by 2011. I have a 2010 Grand Marquis myself but I was born 20 years too late.
  9. ehaase

    Reuters: Cadillac moving to electric

    Cadillac may have given up chasing after BMW and Mercedes and now will chase after Tesla. CT6 might have succeeded if it looked like the Elmiraj and had the 6.2L V6 standard.
  10. ehaase

    Ford Barra Straight-six successor

    A turbo straight six is how FCA will replace the 5.7L Hemi, but I see no evidence Ford or GM will go in this direction.
  11. ehaase

    GM Novenber 2018 Sales

    I won't be surprised if Corvette eventually is GM"s only car in North America.
  12. I would love a new Thunderbird but Ford couldn't sell more than 6,000 per year.
  13. Are Atlas and Passat using all the capacity at the Chattanooga plant? I have a hard time seeing VW needing more capacity in North America.
  14. ehaase

    GM Novenber 2018 Sales

    Looking at those sales figures, I predict GM will discontinue several more car models within the next 18 months.
  15. If GM were to get rid of GMC, it would have happened during the bankruptcy. GMC sells better than ever. Mercury sales were plummeting when it was dropped. If Aviator flops, I could easily see Ford giving up on Lincoln, but hopefully Aviator is a great success.