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  1. My Fusion with 2.0L does better on the highway than my brother in-law's Mariner Hybrid....shoot, my Mustang with the 5.0L comes close to his Mariner. It it beats the crap out of everything in town*. * Our "town" equals driving 10 miles to get to town since we're "out in the country". I also understand Mariner Hybrid is older technology as well. Observed: 2013 Mustang GT = 18/26 2013 Fusion = 25/32 20?? Mariner = 43/29
  2. As a truck driver; I have a habit of checking my oil everytime I fuel up. I extended that habit to my personal life as well. Funny story: in 1994, my wife was driving a 1993 Thunderbird LX with a 5.0 HO. It was near the end of its oil service life and I happened to fill it up for her. I pulled the stick and it was probably 3/4 quart low. I asked her how much oil it was burning between changes and she responded that she didn't know. I told her "the next time I pull your oil stick and it's more than a 1/2 quart low; I'm going to sell your T-Bird and buy you a used Yugo!" Problem fixed đŸ˜–
  3. We're not looking at a new Fusion because it's been minimally updated and now I can't find one with a 2.0L engine. The 2.0 is mandatory. The 1.5L doesn't get it done for the wife. It's kind of weak after having a 2.0L for 6 years. The dealers all say that the 2.0 requires awd in the SE, it's not available in the SEL, and it's standard in the Titanium; and no one is willing to pay what a Titanuim costs since Fusion is an orphan car. They all have Fusion S and Fusion SE's. Ford really screwed the pooch on this whole "kill the cars" deal. The defenders will continue with "It just makes good business sense", but the reality is; it only makes sense on paper and not in reality or practicality.
  4. Hence why that Fusion isn't an option for her. Why go in debt to buy what you already have?
  5. My question is: why are they even selling midgrade? Nothing in my fleet or friends and family cars need that fuel. It basically a hold over from the switch to unleaded. Leaded regular was 89 octane. Todays cars need regular or premium. If not, fuel isn't your issue.
  6. I'm still pissed Ford is dropping the Fusion...but my wife won't make up my mind what she wants next. Now she's talking about an Edge. Started out as wanting an Accord...then an F-150...now the Edge. I would rather buy an older, low tech car and rebuild as I would to buy any other brand. I may be pissed at Ford's direction, but I don't like Asian cars and don't trust the quality of German & the other two domestics. Ford's quality has been declining, so that may be a wash.
  7. Mine breaks the rear tires loose when it hits 4000 rpm in first gear. I have the 235's on it. I really don't want to step up in width because of rain traction (VA is turning into a tropical climate in the last year). I think the hit from a turbo in low gear could cause issues. It might be different in a IRS car though.
  8. Mine was calculated based on chassis dyno of 431 rwhp @ 7200 rpm & 422 lb ft. The guy running the dyno told me his #'s said 507 at the crank with the 6 speed manual. When I said exhaust, that is heads back. Headers, exhaust pipes, cross over, high flow cats, etc
  9. My 2013 is just over 500 hp (507) with a tune, exhaust, injectors, & tb. The current Coyote should be easy with pretty much a tune.
  10. https://jalopnik.com/the-2020-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-may-only-go-180-mph-1833277687/amp
  11. 351cid

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    With the 7.3 coming (pretty sure this one will be here in my lifetime), I'll agree with you on powertrains for the trucks. It took 10+ years for them to bring a better gas engine to the SD. The F-150 has the best power trains in 1/2 tons, hands down. As far as the Mustang goes: it's bad ass no doubt. I just happen to like the 197 better...specifically the 13-14's. The whole elimination of sedans is yet to be seen as right or wrong. I think we can both agree that the way it was handled was a clusterfuck of epic proportions. This whole SUV thing could change over night; and if does, it won't end well for Ford.
  12. 351cid

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    Isn't that one in the same? I may be old news, but I have a great many just like me...and we have the money to buy. Notice my current fleet: nothing newer than 2013. I have always had at least one vehicle that was less than 3 years old in my fleet(that I bought new). No reason to buy a Fusion since I'd be buying the same thing I have. I like the new Mustang, but I like mine better. When my SD was due to replace, Ford dropped the V-10 from the F-250 and I wasn't going to lose torque from that replacement engine...and now the trucks are just ugly (IMO, but it's the one that counts).
  13. Brought to you by the genius Ford managment team.....
  14. 351cid

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    I said last year that I weeped for Ford's future and I am more concerned now than I was then.