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  1. But, but, but.... Ford has to cut automobile production because they don't have capacity. Right? Now.... They have excess capacity to produce Volkswagens?
  2. 351cid

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I had to renew my commercial license here in VA last week. On the application, there was a box marked "Automatic Transmission Only". I think CDL is federal, therefore it's in every state.
  3. 351cid

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I wonder how many drivers are left that know how to properly use a split axle?
  4. Probably. They've just now got the trucks somewhat reliable now. It only took 10 years. Sounds like more down time for drivers.
  5. Most GM hotrods have a Ford 9" Rear. Mopar boys use them as well, but mostly their 8 3/4.
  6. These are 10 I can think of right off hand 1) Firing order changed to 5.0, Mod, 351C 2) Oiling system changed to SBF design 3) Ditto with cooling system 4) Cross bolted mains (Ala 406/427 Fe) 5) Thrust bearing on #3 main 6) Ford 10 bolt head pattern 7) LS block is almost a direct copy of the MOD with thicker webbing & adapted cam in block. 8) Symmetrical head layout with FE high riser ports 9) Plug angles are the same as Ford has used since the FE & Windsor 10) Kidney shaped combustion chambers like HI-PO 390 and later FE designs.
  7. In addition, early Ford chassis were front steer (meaning steering gear was ahead on engine centerline), so a sbc with the rear sump oil pan worked more easily. True story: I delivered to a customer that was wearing a Ford SVT hat. In the corner of the warehouse , I saw a T-Bucket. I mentioned the hat to the guy & he asked if I wanted to look over his car (pointed to the T-Bucket. I politely declined & made mention of the orange motor. He laughed, & told me to take a closer look. I noticed the distributor in the front & the non siamesed ports on the headers. He said he lost points at street rod meets for the engine "not being the proper color"; so he painted his SBF Chevy Orange. After I finished unloading, he asked if I wanted to grab lunch. We took the T-Bucket...any idea what a 347 small block in a 2500 lb car runs like? Holy crap....
  8. I have a list of 19 designs that Ford pioneered or used heavily in their V8 engines that the LS uses. It's more like the SBF than the ABC. I'm not against cross breeding chassis & running gear. I don't like GM crap in Ford, but I've done a number of Ford powered swaps. I did an SS390 70 Chevelle mock up that made some Chevy guys fighting mad. I did a 302 4 speed swap in a Datsun 260 Z. I also did a 351C swap into a Dodge van.
  9. You know, you drudged up a memory that I had forgotten...or blocked, as it may be. In 1999. I landed an account that had unbelievable margins. Each truck was knocking out 40 percent profit per month. The volume was such that I had to stop doing other business. In 2000, I did 5 million in revenues & had a nightmare with taxes (do the math on the profit). In the fall of 2001, my contract was killed because of politics within that company. I was left with no business source & expenses that soaked up all the profits made (5 new Peterbilts will do that to ya). The after math of 9/11 & the recession that followed didn't help. I had to start all over with building new accounts because all of our old ones had moved on. The end result was was in worse shape financially after that event than I was prior. Expensive lesson learned...because I went chasing the $$$. Edits because my phone thinks it knows what I want to say more than I.
  10. I'm pretty much convinced that is standard on GM vehicles.
  11. Electronics in general are not German strong suits. We had a Mercedes service dept @ the dealer I worked at as a young man. I'll bet 50% of the cars were in there for electrical issues. This was in the mid 80's & I'm pretty sure things have not gotten better.
  12. I'm trying to get a grasp on your logic. That's why I ask. I'm not taking anything away from what you do because it's an important part of business. You look at the numbers only part of business. That's 1/2 of the equation. The other half is customer service. I'm a truck driver. I also am the operator of our business (for 30 years). I deal with all aspects of doing business...finance, customer relations, future planning, quality control, logistics & washing the trucks. We are a small business ($750k to $1.25 mil). I survived the recession without any safety nets or a huge credit line. My experience has taught me that customer service & retention are paramount to business success. Why do we even offer products or services? For our customers. I have limited resources. I have 3 tractors, 9 trailers, 2 straight trucks & 3 drivers. I often do work for my customers that is profitable; but not ideal. It's part of taking care of them. Almost all of my business is referral & reputation as well as repeat customers. I have one specific account that we haul their recycle material across town. Why? Because I get cross country loads from them that have unbelievable margins. If I drop the across town loads; it possible (even probable) that someone else gets their foot in the door & takes my business on price even if their quality isn't the same. Loss leaders have always been an important part of sales...be it a product or service. Same thing with a "cheap" car. If Jack & Jill Millennial go to Nissan & buy their Sentara. They have a good experience;they probably will go to that dealer for their SUV or truck first. It's up to that dealer to lose that sale & force them to go elsewhere. They may even say "Ford who?". Margin is only part of a complicated equation for business success. Now... I don't think Ford should only build low margin vehicles. But they do need to use their "whiz kids" to figure out how to sell a couple cars at a profit. If they can't, then I see them as doomed to fail.
  13. My point is / was that until now, I have always been confident in purchasing Ford products. That confidence has been shaken given the lack of direction of FoMoCo. I would have never dreamed of going elsewhere for a vehicle purchase. If Ford doesn't have what I desire (a quality, modern sedan) then I do have to go elsewhere. That loyalty is broken. I would "not" intentionally not a Ford truck on principal. But I could possibly be swayed into looking @ other brands because I don't feel the Ford product is superior & knowing their focus is only on profits.