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  1. 351cid

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Hmmm....hopped up, tuned out 7.3L in a mid 60's full size wagon with 10 speed tranny...sounds yummy.
  2. Unless my needs changed; I would get an F-250 with the 7.3L. I have never considered replacing my 6.8L with less torque. I have driven 6.2L's with the 6 speed and felt it was lacking over my V-10. Part of that may be because of the 4.30 gears in my truck vs 3.73 in the 6.2, as well as some of the "enhancements" my truck has received over the years. I also feel the 10 pulses per cycle was an advantage over 8 pulses. I've not seen an 8.1L GM that can out pull my truck. I'm sure this 7.3L will.
  3. I think the height would be the biggest stumbling block for a Mustang. That puppy appears to be very tall....could just be from the fact that it is faily narrow.
  4. Study an LS. It looks more like a "design study in Ford V-8's from 1954 to 1970" than anything the General put out in that time period. It's a small block Chevy in name only. That being said; there are quite a few designs shared by all the domestic automakers during the 50's & 60's.
  5. Going to be a bad ass, for sure. This is the first thing that has excited me about Ford in over a year. But I am excited.
  6. 2 plugs per cylinder....
  7. 351cid

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    I had the driver's cab corner replaced on my F-250 this past summer. I had someone do it because of my schedule being so busy. It cost me $380 in paint and labor and $75 for the cab corner. I removed the bed and took the opportunity to clean and seal the frame back there.
  8. 351cid

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    The key.....
  9. 351cid

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I was told by 3 different dealers that "you don't want the V10 because of fuel mileage". They all pushed me to the diesel when I told them that the 5.4L was woefully underpowered for the F-250. I finally found a dealer 110 miles away that had a V-10 truck that was pretty close to what I wanted/needed. Ironically, I get the same or better mileage than the 5.4L, according to folks I know that bought the 5.4L. NONE of those people still own their trucks, but I do. I think the dealership sales force needs to be better educated on modern drivetrains. In the old days, more cubic inches meant more fuel consumption. With the advanced EFI and computer controls of today, throttle position has more to do with fuel economy than does displacement.
  10. If the engine and system are functioning properly, DEF usage is about 2% of fuel usage. If you can find DEF at the pump, it's even less expensive. Most major truckstops sell it for $2.79-2.88 per gallon. One truck stop near me has DEF for $1.79.
  11. Kevin operates a shop 75 miles north of me last I heard.
  12. Really? I thought they were on Speed/Velocity/MT. History Channel is another one that has gone down hill. They used to have real history. Now it is all Pawn Stars & crap like that.
  13. The ones I watched were the old Power Nation shows. They seemed to loose focus on my interests and everything went LS engine based or Pro Touring. I know that's what is hot, but I have little interest in seeing another LS build or a 68 Charger with 22" wheels.
  14. I took most of their shows off of my DVR record list. Several shows were ruined when they switched.
  15. When I bought my F-250, everyone (including the dealers) was pushing the diesel. I figured that the V-10 would suffice for my loads (8,000 lb car trailer) and I wouldn't have to deal with the worry of driving a diesel 4 miles round trip to work. I also wouldn't have to plug my truck in during cold weather. Add to that, 6 qts of Mobil 1 & an 820S filter are way cheaper than 15 qts of Rotella and a 2016 Oil filter. Then add in the $58 fuel filter every 10k miles vs a $7 fuel filter every 30k miles. In the end, based on fuel prices in 2004 and servicing differences, it would have taken me 210,000 miles to break even on the cost of ownership with the diesel. This research was done before the woes of the 6.0L were known. I have 145,000 on my truck and would absolutely do the same again.