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    2020 Corvette revealed

    What makes you think they won't be making money on it? Remember, the C7 had no platform mates to share development or manufacturing costs and likely was just as expensive to build as the C8. Yet, those started at $56k. Just because they stuck the engine behind the driver doesn't mean it is automatically more expensive to develop and build when you are starting with a ground-up design. The BASE price of the C8 will be $60k. Like you said above: The base price of a Mustang is $26k, the base price of a F-150 is $28k. We know what the ATP's are on those vehicles and they aren't close to the base prices. What makes you think it would be any different on the C8? To get an idea of how pricing on a Corvette can vary widely, check out this chart of 2019 vs 2018 base trim pricing (before options) on the C7 Corvette. You'll get a better idea of how they make money on these cars.
  2. Anthony

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Only One Thing Matters About the Mid-Engine Corvette: Price
  3. Uhhhhh......this can't be real. EXCLUSIVE: Ford Bronco Pickup Coming to Battle Jeep Gladiator! (https://www.automobilemag.com)
  4. Anthony

    2020 Corvette revealed

    The existing 2019 Vette, while not mid-engine, is just as unique from a platform standpoint from other cars in the GM portfolio that it probably cost the same to design and manufacture. It starts at $55k. Vettes have been a bargain supercar for a while now.
  5. Anthony

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Natural lightning in white, most likely the base model (no wing). Looks good.
  6. Anthony

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I'm curious how the performance compares to a Ford GT in real life. It certainly would be interesting to have a mid-engine vehicle at a fraction of the cost with similar performance and arguably better livability. Sure the Ford GT is a "bespoke, rare limited edition vehicle" which adds to its allure and value. But if the C8 offers performance in the same breath as the GT at 20% the cost, well............rarity could go out the window. ...and that goes for Porsche, Ferrari, etc... I'd love for Ford to make a vehicle like this that remains in production.
  7. Anthony

    2020 Corvette revealed

    The base price Under $60k sure shoots down everyone who said it would start over $100k. Sub 3 second 0-60 with Z51 package. No complaints here. They knocked it out of the park. This is like when the NSX first came out. Supercar with a reasonable price.
  8. I was able to transfer the lifetime subscription I previously had on my Focus to my Ranger the other day for the third time since 2005 even though technically you are only allowed to transfer it once.
  9. Anthony


    I think they are trolling with that video. I bet its freaking emojis "Coming soon to a keyboard near you"
  10. Subarus sell because they are Subarus, not because of looks or versatility. They have become ingrained in the NW and East Coast as a left-of-center carmaker and as the "non-SUV" SUV-maker. Its image and marketing which they have perfected. Another automaker won't be able to duplicate the success of Subaru just by having a like model. It takes more than that.
  11. So its settled, they are using the Colorado platform. 😂
  12. From the horsie's mouth.
  13. One of the great things about the Ranger being a bit older and having been available overseas for a number of years, means that there's tons of goodies available for it. I've added modules to enable the mirrors to automatically fold in when locking the truck. Also added module to automatically raise and lower windows on lock / unlock with remote. This also enables auto up-/down on all window switches in interior. (Thanks to RCMUSTANG on www.ranger5g.com for putting together the group buy on these modules!). The windows go down automatically is you click unlock 3 times on the remote. The windows will go up and the mirrors will fold in with one click of lock on the remote. I goofed this up a little in the video by clicking "lock" multiple times (if you click lock immediately after clicking lock, it stops the auto-up....after a couple seconds I clicked it again in the video to have them go up)
  14. That blue rendering uses the greenhouse of the existing Ranger. Look at the side rear window how it arches up gradually whereas the image with the sheet has more of a Hoffmeister kink. Like you said, a rendering, but not one I'd base anything off of (like the headlights, etc...).
  15. Those steering wheel controls are so cheap looking too. They are not even individual buttons, just blobs on multi-switch module. They remind me of some cheap plastic control on a kid's toy where one of the buttons will eventually crack and need the entire thing replaced.
  16. Raptor sounds like it will just be for pickups: al la F-150 & Ranger.
  17. I honestly dont think the interior looks dated in the Ranger. I think it looks great, especially against what the competition offers.Sure the Tacoma looks more "futuristic", but not necessarily better. The Colorado / Canyon looks like it was designed in the 90's (and the Frontier probably was!). I think we are just so used the same corporate design elements of the Ranger interior, we see it as old, but the public doesn't share the same insight we do. The worst part of the design is the HVAC controls which are too low and have too tiny black buttons against a black background. The mirror controls could be better placed as well. Otherwise, it is a nice handsome design. Ranger Tacoma Colorado Frontier
  18. Anthony

    RAM June Sales

    JD Powers IQS is bull-crap. The "problems" are not consumer issues that they brought in for fixing, it could be as something as they don't like...ie. the design of the cruise control stalk, the voice recognition or brake dust on their wheels. We went through this debate when SYNC first came out and Ford's IQS rating plummeted to the bottom. Anyone who uses this as a predictor of future vehicle quality may be in for a rude awakening 5 years down the line. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15122465/the-trouble-with-jd-powers-initial-quality-study-feature/
  19. I think the Ranger will most likely stay mid-pack in sales with the current design. Fine by me! Keeps mine unique! 😁 I'm really not sure what the public perception is about it. I live in Tacoma country, but everyone who sees it seems to know that it was coming / already here. I'm flooded with "Is that the new Ranger"? all of the time, but I've only seen one other one on the roads. IMHO, It is a very handsome vehicle. Note I say handsome, not mean, rugged or beastly. It may not be everyone's cup of tea especially with the super-entrenched Tacoma and the in-your-face Gladiator coming out around the same time. It doesn't stand out much and maybe that's what people really want, a truck that is more in-your-face. The 4 cylinder also may be a perception thing too, but they only need to take on test drive to know this thing puts down rubber. Not sure really. I think it suffers somewhat from "me-too" styling and not bringing much new to the segment. Plus being able to get the competition (as well as the F-150) with larger incentives doesn't help much either. A test drive would turn perceptions around....but Ford has to get people into the dealer and testing one for that to happen.
  20. Yeah, if my math is correct, 7,392.
  21. Ranger sold 20,880 total in the 2nd quarter (announced this morning). Still has a ways to go before it hits Taco numbers.
  22. I like the Magnetic accents on the FX4 better. Not big on the shiny black, looks plasticy... Of course I have a Magnetic Ranger, so that may have something to do with it. Mine being all gray isn't quite murdered out...more like "assault-and-batteried out"?
  23. Anthony

    The Voyager is back! (sort of)

    To be fair, the Grand Caravan also has an ATP over ten grand less than the Pacifica. Even outselling the Pacifica, it still probably makes less total revenue (depending on how you view the tooling costs etc.. even though both the GC and Pacifica are built in the same plant.)
  24. Anthony

    The Voyager is back! (sort of)

    I read this yesertday and thought it was the dumbest thing. The only thing I can think of is to keep Pacifica residuals up to get decent lease rates. Other than that.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯