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  1. I love the ride in my Ranger. There's really nothing much I don't love about it. It really is a perfect blend of power, utility, comfort and style. (Granted style is subjective, but I dig it and that's all that matter to me!).
  2. They can't prove any prior issue and they can't prove that "rocks already existed on the frame". This open and shut. Call them out, if they put up a fight, move up the food chain.
  3. I've bought two MAP vehicles in a row! Both assembled wonderfully (I just wish my departed Focus was assembled with a different transmission!) 😂
  4. Ford Fusion Accounting Office: The Cheapo Depot!
  5. Official from FCA: https://www.fcagroup.com/en-US/media_center/fca_press_release/FiatDocuments/2019/june/FCA_withdraws_merger_proposal_to_Groupe_Renault.pdf
  6. I actually would expect it to be higher.
  7. Anyone know what the fleet percentages are on the Fusion?
  8. Anthony

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    That looks SO GOOD!
  9. Just like Ford, Chrysler is a company as well as a make. The company is not going anywhere.
  10. Hee hee....re-read what you quoted and what you wrote.
  11. How have times changed? The 2019 Ranger’s 2.3L four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, producing 310lb-ft of torque and 270hp, has nearly as much torque and is up 30hp on the first generation Ford Lightning pickup’s 5.8L V8.
  12. That’s what people said about Fiat & Chrysler Nissan is not part of this proposed merger. They are only 44% owned by Renault.
  13. Anthony

    Gladiator: Ike Gauntlet

    The TFL Ike Gauntlet with the Ranger was only with 5k lbs. I'd love to see them do the Super Ike (maxed out) with the Ranger. It could not be worse than the Jeep did.
  14. Maybe it was easier to slap the dually axle in the back and slap the fenders on there than fix the rotted out quarters.