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  1. Anthony

    Ranger FX2 package

    Not for current owners. Its a damn good truck.
  2. Did we forget the MKZ and Continental?
  3. Anthony

    Ranger FX2 package

    This and a few color changes are all that's happening for 2020.
  4. Anthony

    DPoS6 news.

    How about us morons who traded in / sold ours and got reduced value because theses POS trans?
  5. Anthony

    Wrecked 2019 Mustang GT rebuild challenge.

    Pics Pics and more pics! (and a video too)
  6. As I noted on Twitter, there is some weird stuff going on behind the scenes that even the ex-editorial staff don't know about. (I don't either mind you, just noting it)
  7. I just updated the FordPass app and saw they added the estimated date and how many miles until your next oil change (that is new right?)
  8. Anthony

    What Year Bronco is the Best?

    But they are sooooo awesome.
  9. Anthony

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    That is tiny! However, all the hard points line up with the dealer show pic. But the size is to be expected, the leaked dealer show pic clearly shows the Bronco towering massively behind it. I think showing a person within it to give it scale really shows this is more towards the smaller size of things. I think the long hood throws off perception a bit too.
  10. Oh jeez, of course! They had to get rid of cars because there's no room left on the lot for them! 😂
  11. Ford trucks 2018: F-Series For Trucks 2022 (?): F-Series Electric F-Series Ranger Bronco Pickup Rivian Derived Pickup
  12. The Rivian deal is does not make them exclusive to Ford. That was the entire reason they did not go with GM - GM wanted exclusivity, Rivian did not. Rivian will continue to work with other manufacturers, GM included, if they can work out a deal.
  13. It's the Bronco all over again! 🤪
  14. https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/23/20706515/ford-electric-f150-pickup-truck-pull-million-pound-train