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  1. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge of just what interaction there is with Ford Otosan. In particular when it comes to commercial vehicles. It is my understanding that all heavy truck engineering world wide is handled by Ford Otosan-which is owned jointly by Ford and the Koc family on a 50/50 basis. I went to the Ford Otosan Portal and it is an impressive site. One thing that jumped out...1200 engineers employed. A few of us have repeatedly wondered why the 9L Ecotorque diesel is not brought here to provide another option to the 6.7. I recognize it would have to undergo certification but how far is Euro 6 from US EPA standards? Or again-is "One Ford" yesterday's newspaper. And by the way, the new F-Max Ford which is "international Truck of the Year" is being rolled out all across Europe and the middle east. When you look at the commitment these people have going up against the existing big truck power houses of Daimler, Volvo, VW/Scania etc., it is impressive.
  2. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    If the 7.3 comes out close to 500 lb ft I say ..."Home Run". Again it IS a medium duty truck engine!. Not to again dwell in the past but the 534 I think in its best form never put out more than around 266HP and 481 lb ft. AND it was used in T-950's with up to 15,000 lb fronts and 60,000 lb rears for a GVW of 75,000 lbs! In my long ago youth, triaxles had not come of age. So you moved dirt in 10 wheelers or tandem tractors pulling tandem dump trailers. And trust me Ford Super Duty T-950's were very much in use-with that 534 under the hood moving big loads with just 481 lb ft! I think everyone has lost perspective with these crazy Power Stroke, Duramax, Cummins 6.7's with HP and torque numbers that are far greater than the HP and torque ratings of a lot of 60's, 70's class 8 diesels. Thanks to today's electronics, these monsters are controlled so they don't destroy the rest of the drivetrain.
  3. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Hate to say it Joe but I think we can forget about class 8. Let's just hope they do a good job with what is left-in particular class 4-7. Hopefully we will see some good things at the upcoming Work Truck Show. The 7.3 V-8 is a good start and that should do very well in class 6 and 7-in particular as of now it will have no gas engine competition in conventional cabs. You can bet though that International for sure will not be content to abandon the gasoline/"gaseous" market when Ford starts to show some success. By the way did see a new Davey Tree 750 bucket truck in service the other day and it was a 6.7. Interesting as story I heard were the tree guys who have a lot of engine idling time were fed up with the diesel regen issues and have been asking for good gasoline power.
  4. One thing I noticed about the "new " 10 speed. Most components are .."new or upgraded". Makes you feel good in particular for class 7 service. then you read it weighs 3 pounds more than the old version. Makes me wonder just how much "beef" was added. Then again they should have enough info on the old one to have a good handle on just what needed an upgrade. As well as pulling the stick to check color and smell. Or was that an old wives tale as to transmission health😎
  5. Bob Rosadini

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Thx-after I did my post I did a search. found a lot of BS but also one post that said exact same block as 477. Biggest difference was it did not carry the 100,000 mile warranty that the SD did. And I do have Wagner's book but could not find any specifics on 475 -other than its availability in specific service. One interesting thing I remember. Boston Globe paper had a fleet of F-800's. I was on I-495 one night passing one, looked over and entire muffler was glowing red! No clue what motor they had in them-this was about '78-80.
  6. Bob Rosadini

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Just curious-never heard that before about 429 vs. 534-or are you talking about fuel economy only? And when the 429 came out in 800 series wasn't the Super Duty series out of production? Also what WAS a 475? I was of the belief it was NOT a Super Duty off shoot but an FE variant??
  7. Just tried to find some sales stats but gave up. Anyone tell me what percentage of late, f-150 sales have been "fleet"? thx
  8. Bob Rosadini

    Just in from MA

    Welcome aboard! good luck with the GT!
  9. How about it Joey or any others with good knowledge of this subject. Early in my career we were major fuel suppliers to a lot of the major truckers who were dedicated haulers for Ford, GM and Mopar- names like NuCar Carriers, Automobile Transport, Anchor, M & G Convoy.. etc. All gone. I assume the elimination of regional assembly plants, led to the increased use of rail as rail economics became more attractive given increased haul distances. Can 't understand how this can get so screwed up. Unless the rails continue to be clueless as to just where their cars are at any one time. I would also imagine that the used vehicle/auction market also is somewhat responsible for the "disfunction" as all of a sudden when you had dedicated carriers making deliveries for the "big three", it is now a new business model with guys fighting to haul new vehicles from rail head one way with a back haul of used cars coming out of the auction centers. Makers sense from a trucking economics perspective. Service levels? I guess that is another story Thoughts??
  10. Bob Rosadini

    7.3 hp/tq numbers?

    And likewise. good job on your part to sort this out. 👍 Kind of thought those numbers were not exactly realistic-given fact its a MD truck engine first and foremost-I think!
  11. Bob Rosadini

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Jp-Bottom line unless they blow it on pricing this thing will be a home run in class 5,6 and 7. No doubt there will be loyal Ford customers who in any case would have bought a Ford so yes, I would guess no net sales gain. But for those who are buying Hinos, Internationals, Paccars, and the new 5500, 6500 GM's here is a chance for them to get the power they need without the up front first cost premium that goes with the diesels as well as the maintenance savings associated with higher oil change costs, as well all the BS associated with DEF issues.
  12. Bob Rosadini

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    7m3- I was just about to ask the question..WHY? You I'm sure are correct as to DI benefits but 92 makes the point here that everything I have read/listened to about this 7.3 is clear in that this IS a truck engine. Ford does not need it for other applications so it makes sense to me that they have optimized it to cover all the bases as a truck engine that is good for 37,000 lbs GVW and hopefully something better than the 50,000 lb GCW rating that the current 750 carries.
  13. Bob Rosadini

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    TT- why would they.? Seems like all the attributes of the 7.3 point to doing what a truck engine should do-provide sustained grunt starting at lower RPM. Nothing like versatility but it seems with this motor, Ford has the bases covered. Want a high revving performance engine?-take your pick- V-8 OHC, V-6 OHC and 4 banger OHC. What to move freight? Got that too. As always we could be in for surprises and I don't pretend to have the knowledge a lot of people have who are frequent posters here , but to me, this puppy puts Ford in good shape- can't wait to see an F-750 with a 6-8 yard dump body and this motor on the road! And don't forget the gaseous option-be it propane or cng. Who knows- we might even see an F-750 gas tractor pulling a 32 ft side loader beverage body. Hope the 6.2 stays in 250, 350, and 450 as not everyone will want or need 445 cubes to get their job done.
  14. through 650-750. Again I always thought whatever it was-- 7.0. 7.3 OHC, pushrods-the primary mission was to offer a legitimate gas engine for class 6 and 7- the ONLY gas engine-at least for a while in those conventional cab classes.
  15. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Agree- I have no clue but that thought crossed my mind when he was pointing out certain features- CRS! but I was making notes and I wrote "FR-9" at one point