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  1. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Well for sure I have posted my share of negativity about the failure of Ford to offer a transmission in class 6 and 7 beyond the Torqueshift. Well read the attached from HDT. The great ZF! and look at the weight of this transmission that is clearly pitched as a class6-7-baby 8. And note the reference to applications in PV's....15 million in use since 2007. 328 pounds. Does anyone know what weight of new "beefed up" 10 speed Torqueshift is? Jim Park, Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / June 20, 2019 Medium-duty truck builders will soon have a groundbreaking new transmission to add to their data books, and heavy-truck makers will have more steering assist options to offer customers. German automotive supplier, ZF Friedrichschafen AG, recently demonstrated these and other nearly-market-ready technologies at press gathering at the Transportation Research Center near East Liberty, Ohio. The PowerLine 8HP torque-convertor automatic transmission is the big news here. It's hardly new though. It was officially introduced to the North American market exactly one year ago in Indianapolis. But more than 15 million copies of this transmission have been operating in passenger cars (fitted with the scaled-down 8AP version) across Europe and Asia since 2007. The 8HP is a "muscled-up" version of that same platform. ZF changed little in scaling it up for service in Class 3 to baby 8s save for building in some extra durability. ZF says the transmission should be on the road next year but wouldn't say which of the major truck makers would be first to market with the PowerLine 8. ZF did say, however, that this 8-speed will cover all of Allison's 1000, 2000 Series automatic transmissions and a good chunk of its 3000 Series transmissions. "With one product, we cover about 90% of our competitor's volume," said Andre Kohl, ZF's North American business development manager. It boasts some impressive specs and features, but performance will likely be its biggest selling feature. Reporters had the chance to drive two trucks equipped with the PowerLine 8, and one "baseline" truck for comparative purposes. It's impressive. Starting out, it will launch in first or second gear, depending on the load, and it will skip-shift when the opportunity presents itself. It has a neutral idle feature that disengages the torque convertor to take the load off the engine when the truck isn't moving. Gear ratios range from 4.89 in first to 0.64 in eighth, which is like double or maybe triple overdrive. There's plenty of latitude in the eight cogs for any driving condition, and ZF did say that fuel economy was a prime driver in the engineering process. "The PowerLine is at least — not up to — at least 10% better on fuel than any competitive product in same application," said Kohl. The transmission boasts 30% better acceleration than other transmission and a 45% weight advantage -- the PowerLine 8 weighs a paltry 328 pounds. Kohl also pointed out that the transmission, as it sits today, is ready for what the OEMs will be asking for in terms of meeting the pending GHG Phase II regs. It's ready for integrated stop/start assist which shuts off and starts the engine while at traffic lights, etc. "We incorporate an accumulator inside the transmission to help with restarting," he said. "This will help truck makers comply with GHG reduction rules in the future with engine stop/start technologies. When they are ready for it, we already are." It also features twin torsional dampers, which will help with downsped powertrains. These are more common to on-highway Class 8s, but Kohl says downspeeding is coming to medium-duty. There's also a lock-up clutch in first gear for improved energy efficiency. With the PowerLine 8, the torque convertor is used only to launch and stop the truck. Driving the PowerLine 8 proved pretty well everything Kohl said during his presentation. You literally cannot feel the transmission shifting gears. You can tell the shifts are happening based on the sound of the engine, but they are very quick and really smooth, and there's never a lag in torque as you accelerate. There's a short off-road loop at TRC that features a hill with a 23% grade. One of the trucks was loaded with 20,000 pounds of steel dunnage for a gross weight of about 37,000 pounds. The truck walked up that grade from a full stop at the bottom, and from a full stop mid-way up the hill (the hill-start assist feature came in handy that time). It even managed an upshift from first to second on one of my runs up the hill with full throttle applied right from the start. On the maintenance side you get “best in class” extended oil-change intervals and Kohl said the oil filter is good “for life”. It also features a fully integrated control units inside the casing, with no external sensors or harnesses. That should help with durability.
  2. Bob Rosadini

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    Agree on the Ford/New Holland sale. I believe Iveco is also still under the Agnelli family. Back to the Ford/NH sale, I may have posted this before but I remember a WSJ front page piece quite a few years ago that talked about the world tractor scene dominated by the "big green and red machines"..."but a new giant was appearing...in blue"..or words to that effect. Guess that was before.."concentrating on core business" became the popular phrase.
  3. Bob Rosadini

    David Woodhouse Resigns

    I give up-which one was the winner😎
  4. Bob Rosadini

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Let's hope- and hopefully rear vision is improved-at least from my wife's perspective. As I've posted before, she was on her 3rd Explorer and when it came time for a 4th, she claimed she couldn't see out of new ones. I solved that by finding a CPO 2010 with 27,000 miles. that is not going to happen again.
  5. Bob Rosadini

    2020 Ford Explorer

    For sure-your ATM comment nails it
  6. Bob Rosadini

    2020 Ford Explorer

    This may have been addressed but just wondering about interior seating position. One thing I don't like about the current one is the door thickness seems so thick-and distant from the seat-same with my SHO. If you like to drive with your arm resting on the window sill, not exactly comfortable IMO. Any opinions from those who have seen the new one-or are building it?
  7. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Well no doubt these guys are serious-we will see how well they do with their move into the EU market; Ford Trucks Russia Press Release / May 24, 2019 Производство нового тягача F-MAX на технологичном заводе Ford! Седельные тягачи #FORD #FMAX обладатели титула #ITOY производятся на современном заводе в турецком городе Иноню.
  8. Again, listening to the chief engineer on the project, this motor IS a truck engine-specifically a medium duty truck engine. And he was also very specific that 7.3 L was the optimal displacement for the design. At least that is what I took from the interview. Not to say it could not be built to a lesser displacement.
  9. Bob Rosadini


    Excellent - and it also referenced American Icon by Hoffman- I read that (at JPD -80's recommendation!)-and am going to read it again along with "Once Upon a Car" now that we have some history to compare. And back to the piece on Mulally's recruitment, boy the "job rec" referred to in the Mulally search sure as hell wasn't followed when Hackett got the job IMO.
  10. Bob Rosadini


    Well as an "insider" I always appreciate your perspective, but guess who ruined the first Taurus? Sir Alex -or so I read someplace that when he was shown the redesign for the first generation Taurus, he looked at it and said..."more ovoid". And that is how we got that ugly POS with the round back window and the bottom feeder "catfish" front end. Again so I read someplace.
  11. Bob Rosadini


    And for sure you have to give him credit for that!
  12. Bob Rosadini


    And my point was given the state of affairs when Mulally took over, should there not have been closer scrutiny of just what was going on under his replacement? In particular, if I were Bill Ford and/or the board, given the nature of the company, and the "fiefdoms" that existed, you think there might have been some sour grapes amongst the "un chosen"? Mulally gets all sorts of accolades, the company gets nothing but good press as far as the turn around, and then it is in the toilet in how many months??? How long was Fields on the throne before he left. Granted you have to give the guy a chance, but I have to believe when your name is on the building, I would think you always have your ear to the ground. And Farley? The smartest car guy in the world that Bill Ford just had to have and we are now no longer in the car business. Yes I know. Not his fault. All these Korean and Japanese sedans I see are being given away.
  13. Bob Rosadini


    Question I would have is how does this happen? Where was Bill Ford? Where was the Board? If the manpower reduction was so brutal, wasn't head count such a very visible stat such that it would always be on the radar screen once Mullay left? And if Fields was in fact reverting to the old ways, no one was "going up the back stairs" and cluing Bill Ford in?...Assuming he did not pay attention to head count/org charts? And these discussions on span of control? How long has the "flatter is better" trend been popular? For some time I would think. I think I have to go back to the library and read "Once Upon a Car" one more time.
  14. Thank you Ford! Reuters / May 21, 2019 Volkswagen AG truck brand Scania said on Tuesday it will invest 1.4 billion reais (US$344.14 million) to modernize its Brazilian factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo, an industrial city near Sao Paulo. The investment in the historic center of Brazil’s auto industry follows Ford Motor Co’s decision to exit the heavy truck business in South America and shut down its plant in the same city, which could benefit the remaining players in the sector. During the first four months of 2019, sales of Scania heavy trucks increased 31% compared to the same period a year ago, according to data compiled by local automakers association Anfavea. The investment comes at a time when the state of Sao Paulo, which long dominated the Brazilian auto industry, has seen auto companies set up factories elsewhere, lured by tax incentives. Earlier this year, General Motors threatened big cuts in its Sao Paulo factories. That prompted state governor Joao Doria to negotiate aggressively, ending in the launch of a new incentive package for auto makers in the state. GM then decided to invest $2.7 billion to take advantage of the tax program. The new Scania investment will start in 2021 and end in 2024, following its 2016 to 2020 investments, which total 2.6 billion reais, the company said in a joint statement with the Sao Paulo state government. Scania’s latest financial commitment is aimed at overhauling its assembly line, as well as introducing a new generation of trucks in Latin America.
  15. Bob Rosadini

    GM Debuts New Electrical Platform

    Not sure if this is meant as just a "shot" but from a practical perspective, there is no doubt that I frequently see GM vehicles with a headlight out-and late model vehicles at that. I was in a conversation with some guys the other day on this subject and the consensus was..."true observation. and I'm assuming this is in fact "electronics" as opposed to "new electrical platform" as in multiplexing.