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  1. Cyberdman, I have the dealer code and order number for my truck that was ordered, have been unable to get vin if you could get vin possibly and a status update would be greatly appreciated. Dealer Code 05768 Order number 5116 2019 F250 Super Duty Xlt oxford white crew cab 8ft bed 6.2 gas Thanks for spending time to get us updates. I hope I got all info you need. Thanks Justin
  2. 143lineman

    2019 F250 Super Duty

    Will do. I appreciate it. Thanks Justin
  3. 143lineman

    2019 F250 Super Duty

    Cyberdman, I contacted my dealer and he gave me the wrong dealer code. So about that. I hope this is right this time to get update and possibly vin number. Dealer code 53V589 Order number 5116 2019 Super Duty Oxford white crew can 8 ft bed 6.2 gas Thanks for the time you spend updating us, I sure hope the info is right this time Thanks Justin
  4. 143lineman

    Splash Guards

    I ordered mine with the truck salesman said was cheaper than buying from ford and would be installed at factory.
  5. 143lineman

    Ford F-250 Accessories

    I have bought several things from fairway ford off eBay. Great prices
  6. 143lineman

    Super Duty Wheel Well liners

    I have mine rears sprayed with Linex when the spray my bed.
  7. 143lineman

    Stained rear cab corners after waxing

    I had the same issue on my 2017 F-150 I took to dealer and he said that it was almost impossible to match color on plastic as it was to aluminum. It bothered me for awhile but got used to it after awhile. Did it match before you waxed it out of curiosity?
  8. 143lineman

    Katskin seat cover

    Anyone install Katskin seat covers? Pics if anyone has any. Wanting to put them in a cult with med gray interior and can’t decide between black or gray. Thanks
  9. 143lineman

    Bumper step on SuperDuty

    I thought I would hate the tailgate step, but truck was on the lot with all the options I wanted and also had tailgate step. I was just thinking another thing to rattle but not the case and very useful. I ordered a new super duty with one.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has any idea if I can track my truck by order number? Was ordered on 5/31/19 and haven’t been able to get vin. Just have order number. Thanks
  11. 143lineman

    Tracking super duty with order number

    I’ll will check it out. My salesman is a good buddy and he hasn’t been able to get any help from his ford rep on getting vin. Thanks
  12. I just wish you would get all the Sirus /Xm channels, I like channel 350 red white and booze and not able to get it in a Ford. I got it in my Dodge, I called sirus and the said ford radios are not compatible to get all stations. Don’t make any sense to me.
  13. 143lineman

    Do F150 Tailgates Have Locks

    I like the keypad feature, use a lot when hunting always afraid of losing keys when in the field.
  14. 143lineman

    Floor Liners

    i prefer weather tech, i am curious how the all weather super duty mats will be when i get my super duty, was fins with carpet one cause i was going to put weather techs in but dealer ordered with the all weather mats. Time will tell..
  15. 143lineman

    F-150 Diesel

    nice on mpg, i could never get over 21 mpg in my doge eco diesel
  16. 143lineman

    SuperCab w/ 5.5' box

    I prefer a 6.5 bed in f150 but in a f250 i would get a 8 foot bed you can never seem to have to much room with hunting between dog boxes, coolers and tool box. i dont think a crew cab f150 would look real good with a 8 foot bed though.
  17. 143lineman

    Do F150 Tailgates Have Locks

    i like the locking feature accept when leaving keys in truck and trying to open taligate and is still lock very frustrating! guess my own fault not think, we like all the new feature but complain about them as well Lol..
  18. 143lineman

    hello from southwest Kansas

    I am new to the forum from southwest Kansas, have owned several ford trucks. Glad to be a part of this forum. Thanks