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  1. To be honest never really thought about it at the time. I’m really happy with my choice.
  2. I liked my Camry, although it was a bit primitive tech wise but i do miss the mileage the Hybrid 41mpg gave me compared to the Fusion 24mpg
  3. Sync 3 no nav the Camry was a 13 so not a lot of tech unlike the ford.
  4. Yeah all give you that, so hows this i have owned more fords then any other brand.
  5. Since the age of 16 i have owned around 85 cars so i have pretty much owned them all, but i always end up back with a ford.
  6. 6' and 275 with out a problem getting in and out.
  7. What don't you understand.
  8. Been a FORD man all my life, this is my retirement car.
  9. Yes, i looked at the 2019 Escape all so but the rebates made it possible to get a much nicer car then an SUV. I replaced a 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid.
  10. A 2019 Fusion SE sweet car thought i would find some Fusion forums to help me learn more about it, not so much i guess.