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  1. Mokume


    Oh, I can think of some unique names for these colors, but polite and politically correct ones defy polite description !
  2. Mokume


    I was excited to see "Lightening Blue" offered on the Ranger for 2020, then after checking the 2019 color choices I noticed that it's the exact same horrendous color! Here in Hawaii some people would refer to it as "Buk Buk Blue", at least the new Red is more palatable than Hot Pepper Red, but it is quite "Lucid"! I am convinced that the team which are tasked with the Ranger color choices are all totally colorblind...
  3. Mokume

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    A merger between FCA and Nissan would result in 3 POS vehicle makes ! Except for Jeep of course, but the rest of Chrysler's offerings are garbage.
  4. As of yet, the Transit seems to be the only vehicle Ford produces that is using the EPA mandated HFO 1234 yf refrigerant in it's HVAC system. Does anyone know when the rest of Ford's vehicles switch over to this refrigerant? For the life of me, I cannot fathom why the new gas is so prohibitively expensive, other than the Fed's trying to protect ourselves from ourselves.
  5. Mokume

    $2,000 Incentive

    This incentive is available to Hawaii buyers, but the local dealers (all of them) adding up to 8K (yes, 8 thousand dollars) in markup fees far negates a paltry 2K. As of yet I've seen only 2 new Rangers on the road here in Honolulu, this would explain the astronomically ridiculous prices the dealers here a raping people with.
  6. Mokume

    "Arctic Blast" HVAC additive

    Indeed, I hope all 3 dealers get 'stuck'with these vehicles, for all I care they can shove it.
  7. Mokume

    "Arctic Blast" HVAC additive

    Thank you, sir for your response, I've been pricing a new Ranger and came across this "gem " of information, would you believe that this same dealer is marking up the MSRP by 5K for all new Rangers? Yes you read it right, five thousand dollars. I've heard of dealer profit, but this is "rape". I am seriously considering buying one in LA, having the selling dealer deliver directly to the docks, shipped to Hawaii via Matson, thus avoiding California sales tax and registration fees. Alas, I'll still have to pay Hawaii's sales tax of 4.5%, registration fees and Matson's shipping charge, but I think my backside will thank me for it.
  8. Mokume

    AC Problem 08 Milan 4 cyl 83k

    Word of advice please, be VERY CAREFUL when working with ANY refrigerants, safety glasses/goggles are a MUST. Why am I concerned? As a just retired firefighter I've seen enough incidents where the HVAC tech was not wearing proper PPE, resulting in bodily harm, like being blinded permanently.
  9. Almost all 3 Ford dealers here in Honolulu have been offering an aftermarket AC sealed system additive marketed under the name 'Arctic Blast' (and charge an exorbitant markup) for all their new vehicles. Supposedly this additive lowers AC temperature at the registers by 10 degrees F. When I queried the salesperson whether this additive is approved by Ford, replied with a resounding yes, when I further queried him to provide written proof of Ford's approval, he immediately backpedaled and stated " it must be because the service manager said its OK". Conversation with the service manager revealed that "the sales department wanted it, not us". He could not verify whether this product was approved by Ford, let alone being detrimental to the system. I've a right mind to report this to Ford for them pushing this snake oil. As a former automotive mechanic at a Lincoln-Mercury agency for 12 years with HVAC experience I know for a fact that if the low side system pressure is reduced to achieve the 10 degree system temperature change, that the evaporator core is mighty close to "freezing up" and will turn to a block of ice, further exacerbated by the sometimes 80-90% humidity levels here. Has anyone heard of this nonsense in their area? As W.C. Fields would say "there's one born every minute"
  10. Mokume

    2020 feature and paint colors

    Indeed, Chevy offer 10 choices for the Canyon, Toyota offers 9 for the Taco. Ford seems to think the buying public will make do with 7 choices.
  11. Mokume

    2019 Ranger Raptor Commercial

    Awesome vid, For the life of me I cannot understand why Ford marketing does not offer a Raptor model for sale here now. Perhaps with the next re-design?, 2021? 2022? Almost makes me re-considering ordering a MY 2020 and waiting.
  12. Mokume

    2020 feature and paint colors

    Does anyone know if the 2020 Ranger will offer significant feature changes and new exterior colors? I am looking to order a 2020 Lariat supercab, the current color choices range from boring to downright ugly. A dark midnight blue (as my 2000 XLT is) would be perfect.
  13. Mokume

    Aloha from Hawaii !

    Greetings from Hawaii all, Honolulu to be exact. I joined this forum to gather information on ordering either a '19 or '20 Ranger, presently I own a 2000 Ranger Supercab 4x2 which I ordered back in 1999, yes this truck has had just 1 owner, me. I've owned many Ford trucks, 5 F series and 3 Rangers. Hoping that Ford will release new color choices for MY 2020, the current choices are few and range from boring to downright ugly. Mahalo, Jeff Lee