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  1. Mokume

    2020 feature and paint colors

    Indeed, Chevy offer 10 choices for the Canyon, Toyota offers 9 for the Taco. Ford seems to think the buying public will make do with 7 choices.
  2. Mokume

    2019 Ranger Raptor Commercial

    Awesome vid, For the life of me I cannot understand why Ford marketing does not offer a Raptor model for sale here now. Perhaps with the next re-design?, 2021? 2022? Almost makes me re-considering ordering a MY 2020 and waiting.
  3. Mokume

    2020 feature and paint colors

    Does anyone know if the 2020 Ranger will offer significant feature changes and new exterior colors? I am looking to order a 2020 Lariat supercab, the current color choices range from boring to downright ugly. A dark midnight blue (as my 2000 XLT is) would be perfect.
  4. Mokume

    Aloha from Hawaii !

    Greetings from Hawaii all, Honolulu to be exact. I joined this forum to gather information on ordering either a '19 or '20 Ranger, presently I own a 2000 Ranger Supercab 4x2 which I ordered back in 1999, yes this truck has had just 1 owner, me. I've owned many Ford trucks, 5 F series and 3 Rangers. Hoping that Ford will release new color choices for MY 2020, the current choices are few and range from boring to downright ugly. Mahalo, Jeff Lee