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  1. mrmkesdeuce

    K & N air filter

    I have a K & N high performance (E-9289) for sale. It has the removeable end cap for more air flow. It fits the 2013 up Escape 1.5 and 2.0 motors. I'm getting a new Edge and this filter will not fit. I send it to you for $25.00 + shipping. Anyone interested E-mail me at mrmikesdeuce@aol.com.
  2. In 2014 I bought a '14 Titanium Escape. It was a fun little car, but in 2017 I wanted something else. I ended up buying a 2017 Lincoln MKC Reserve. The 2 biggest reasons were the bigger motor (2.3), and the beautiful Hazelnut interior. Now I want a little bigger vehicle. I love the new Lincoln Nautilus, but the $60,000+ price is too steep for me. I compromised and ordered a 2019 Ford Edge. I wanted the ST performance but the only interior option was black. That plus the mandatory 20" wheels and trailer hitch killed that decision. I want a little performance, but I'm 75 now, and not going racing any more, so I don't need 20 or 21" wheels, special tires and suspension. I really would have liked the bigger motor for highway passing situations however. I settled for the Titanium w/ceramic interior, but would have preferred a nice brown or tan. I just hope I'll be happy going back to the 2.0 (250HP) motor.
  3. mrmkesdeuce

    Mobil 1 oil rebate

    For anyone who uses Mobil 1, there's a rebate going on now. Look up Mobil 1 oil rebate on your computer.
  5. I supposedly ordered a '19 Edge on March 19. I haven't heard a word about it yet. Does this sound like my order priority is probably 19? If I don't hear anything in another week, I'll cancel the order and go to another dealer.
  6. mrmkesdeuce

    Vin #

    Talked to the sales manager last Monday ( 4/8 ). He told me he has no Vin showing yet. I'm supposed to call him back Tuesday ( 4/16 ). If he still has no vin for me , I believe that means my vehicle isn't even scheduled yet. If that's the case, I may cancel the order and wait to see what the 2020 looks like.
  7. I'm a brand new member of this forum and misspelled my username when I applied, If possible could the moderators change the spelling on my username from mrmkesdeuce to mrmikesdeuce. Thany you.
  8. mrmkesdeuce

    Syracuse, NY

    My name is Michael Haggerty and I live in Syracuse, NY. I'm currently 74 years old, and a retired DAC (Department of the Army civilian). I'm also a retired E-8 (MSG) from the USAR (United States Army Reserves). I have just ordered a '19 Edge Titanium. My whole career field has been in maintenance, and I'm still an avid DIY'R. I do all my own oil changes, tire rotations, etc . I have belonged to several forums in the past (Ford Escape, and Lincoln MKC), and hope to be a active member of this forum.
  9. mrmkesdeuce

    Vin #

    I'm a brand new member of this forum. I just ordered a 2019 Ford Edge Titanium. I ordered my vehicle on February 19. I'm wondering about how long it takes to get a vin# assigned so I can track the build and delivery time for it.