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  1. Naut2go

    Tracking my Nautilus

    omg I am going there right now....Thankyou Cyberdman I attach a Pic when I can Thanks, J
  2. Naut2go

    Tracking my Nautilus

    Any update would be greatly appreciated.....2LMPJ8L98KBL48960 Thanks J
  3. Naut2go

    Tracking my Nautilus

    Thanks hopefully it will land on my dealer lot before the Ford plant vacation shutdown, I think its the first two weeks of July... Thanks for the update... J
  4. Appreciate any news on my Nautilus I just received my VIN number 2LMPJ8L98KBL48960 Thanks J
  5. Good info thank you, I will check out his channel.. Also I am having a professional. shop do it...
  6. Naut2go

    Nautilus arrival

    Counting the days until I get mine still no Vin # yet...it has been almost 3 weeks
  7. Naut2go

    Good Review of Nautilus

    Great Review.....
  8. That's. a Black Label Nautilus, we can't. get one of those in Canada....Not sure why, wish we could....
  9. Naut2go

    2020 Corsair

    Loving the interior I wish they had done more on the Nautilus I just ordered...
  10. What's the difference between a Hybrid and PHEV?
  11. I am considering Ceramic coating for my Nautilus I ordered....Just wondering if it is worth the money..
  12. $1500 off in Ontario Canada for delivery, even though I can see the plant from my window hahahaha
  13. I don't. need a Aviator but I would purchase an Hybrid Nautilus
  14. Will we ever see a Hybrid Nautilus?