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  1. Naut2go

    Good Review of Nautilus

    Great Review.....
  2. That's. a Black Label Nautilus, we can't. get one of those in Canada....Not sure why, wish we could....
  3. Naut2go

    2020 Corsair

    Loving the interior I wish they had done more on the Nautilus I just ordered...
  4. What's the difference between a Hybrid and PHEV?
  5. I am considering Ceramic coating for my Nautilus I ordered....Just wondering if it is worth the money..
  6. $1500 off in Ontario Canada for delivery, even though I can see the plant from my window hahahaha
  7. I don't. need a Aviator but I would purchase an Hybrid Nautilus
  8. Great thanks 2 weeks tomorrow... so I will wait until the end of the month...
  9. Thinking about getting the ceramic coating done when my Nautilus arrives, just wondering if anybody has had it done....is it worth the money... JD
  10. How long should it take to get VIN number? for my 2019 Nautilus...
  11. Just ordered.... Nautilus Reserve 2.0L Ø Infinite Black / Ebony Ø Driver Assistance Package Ø Lincoln Nautilus Technology Package Ø Interior Protection Package Ø Satin Roof Rack Side Rails without Crossbars Ø Ultra-Comfort Seats with Active Motion®
  12. Anyone know the last date that I can order a 2019 Nautilus? Thanks JD