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  1. Javaman

    Hello from Louisiana

    FYI, yesterday (April 9), the status on my order finally updated after three weeks in "Awaiting Shipment" to "In Transit," with a new EDD of April 30. Any news on yours?
  2. Javaman

    Mustang Order

    KenC, I feel your pain. Similar to your case, my order was placed on 9/27/2018. Build was eventually scheduled for 1/21/2019, with an EDD of 2/17. Changed from "Production" to "Awaiting Shipment" on 3/16, with a new EDD of 4/12. It's still "Awaiting Shipment" (by rail) as of today, 4/2, so I'll be very lucky to see the car by the end of April, a full seven months after placing the order. This is for what I assumed would be a "normal" special order with no limited production options. Apparently the standard line is "8 to 10 weeks for delivery." Dealerships won't tell you about order priorities, allocation limits, commodity restrictions, or anything else that will almost certainly delay the delivery of your vehicle. To the Executives and Management, I agree with KenC that a big problem with Ford customer relations is the serious lack of communication between Manufacturing, Zone Reps, Dealerships, and customers. The Dealership and Zone Rep provide little or no information regarding delays involving scheduling, production, or shipment. We customers are forced to rely on various blogs to learn about Magneride or other option contraints, steering wheel/railcar shortages, shift reductions, and so on, to learn the status of our orders. The on-line Ford Vehicle Order Tracking system would be a great resource if only it was accurate and updated with some regularity. I understand the app is relatively new, but it is currently more frustrating than it is informative. Why should a vehicle be shown as "In Production" for two or three months with no updates or explanation whatsoever? Also by now, many customers have experienced the EDD countdown reversing course once it gets down to 1 day, after which it increments by 1 each day. (Programmers will recognize the absolute value function being applied, while others are just further annoyed) As one who has worked in automated supply chain management (Oracle EBS) for over 20 years, I know that even the best Just-In-Time systems aren't perfect, especially when operating on a global scale. Still, customer communication is key. In my opinion, all the marketing and advertising benefit for Ford is being lost in the actual buying experience.
  3. Javaman

    Hello from Louisiana

    Mine also went to "In Production" on January 16, on the the Ford Vehicle Tracking site. It finally changed to "Awaiting Shipment" on March 18, and two days later assigned a new EDD of April 12. Some progress at last. Hope you're getting an update too! Looks like yours is configured identical to mine except for the color. Also got some of the same aftermarket items as you did (waiting in boxes).
  4. Javaman

    Hello from Louisiana

    Wow, and I thought I'd been waiting a long time. Has the dealer given you any update on the status of your order? Before you know it, we'll be into the next model year. 🙄
  5. Javaman

    Howdy from New Mexico, USA

    Hearty Greetings to all Blue Oval fans! Owned a '66 289 Mustang for 16 years. It's high time for another one. Special ordered a new 2019 on 26 Sept '18. In Production 16 Jan, sticker shows 120190123 blend. Waiting almost 6 months now -- must be close to a record for a domestic, non-limited production vehicle. Would love to post a picture, or better yet, drive it! 😋