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  1. Javaman

    Hello from Louisiana

    Mine also went to "In Production" on January 16, on the the Ford Vehicle Tracking site. It finally changed to "Awaiting Shipment" on March 18, and two days later assigned a new EDD of April 12. Some progress at last. Hope you're getting an update too! Looks like yours is configured identical to mine except for the color. Also got some of the same aftermarket items as you did (waiting in boxes).
  2. Javaman

    Hello from Louisiana

    Wow, and I thought I'd been waiting a long time. Has the dealer given you any update on the status of your order? Before you know it, we'll be into the next model year. 🙄
  3. Javaman

    Howdy from New Mexico, USA

    Hearty Greetings to all Blue Oval fans! Owned a '66 289 Mustang for 16 years. It's high time for another one. Special ordered a new 2019 on 26 Sept '18. In Production 16 Jan, sticker shows 120190123 blend. Waiting almost 6 months now -- must be close to a record for a domestic, non-limited production vehicle. Would love to post a picture, or better yet, drive it! 😋