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  1. WOW, you guys are kicking it big time!!!! 👍 I can not wait for mine to arrive, hope the spray in bed liner does not slow it down to much.
  2. IS there a place on the forum to post suggestions for the next generation? F150 has a 5 1/2 foot box, would it be feasible to stretch the Ranger 6 inches and put a 5 1/2 foot box? Do something better with the Crew Cab rear seat, heck the Escape rear seat is far more flexible? Add a integrated brake controller to the Tow Package, important to stop the 7500lbs. trailer. Those are the only changes I would like to see. The rest of it is pretty damn awesome; you guys do a great job putting it together. Now if the engineers and marketing would listen to you all!!
  3. It is very much OK, you guys are on my Christmas card list for putting together the "back again" Ranger. First new vehicle I ever ordered/bought was a 83 4x4 Red Ranger, coming full circle for my mid life crisis and looking forward to being back in a Ford and out of the Nissan. Thanks again, stay safe, glad it has warmed up a little for you all. Good luck with the drawer slide.
  4. @fuzzymoomoo Thank you, sounds like I was not the first person to ask, sorry, very much appreciate the information!!😁
  5. @wildosvt I have heard that some of Ford's other production sites have had problems with component shortages for components from Mexico and am asking if it is having an effect on the Ranger facility? Something about a strike in Mexico and steering wheels for Mustangs, etc. etc. Anyways just wondering about the Ranger line cause mine is supposedly in production this week according to the tracker. Thanks you, someday I plan to tour one of the plants totally fascinated on the crazy magic that goes on to build a vehicle!
  6. I got the Lariat because I wanted it all, I did opt for the 500A over the 501A, mostly because my hearing just isn't what it used to be so I would not be able to appreciate the B&O sound system.
  7. @fuzzymoomoo I mentioned the weather next week because a few of us on the Ranger5G forum have our Ranger orders scheduled for builds the week of the 11th with the spray-in-bedliner option and that option seems to have caused some delays on other orders as we understand it is done off site from the factory so we are hopeful that the better weather will not cause any production delays for us. As well as the fact that you all could use some warmer weather. By comparison to your recent polar blast it looks much better for next week. 😀
  8. Looks like warmer weather is coming, you could use it that is for sure!
  9. Thanks Fuzzy, your straight forward assessments on the forums are awesome, you really have that insider take and your years of observation show!! as Yoda would say "Appreciated your knowledge is"
  10. Thank you, I know your weather has been crappy so be careful.
  11. @fuzzymoomoo @wildosvt was wondering if the Ranger production numbers have improved anymore at MAP? I have one scheduled for the week of the 11th and am curious.