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  1. I agree, but I'm not talking about public transport. https://www.zipcar.com/en
  2. potatosalad

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I saw a camoed mule up in the UP back in January. It looked way slimmer and smaller than my 5th gen, even though the dimensions state otherwise.
  3. . Shared vehicles are actually fairly normal in the UK. Look up zipcar. Makes life waaaay easier when you live in the city.
  4. How much did it cost for the body + windshield + wheels for you? Did the shop have your vehicle for a long time?
  5. potatosalad

    2020 Explorer, sync 4?

    T&C TV seemed to think it was Sync 4 at a glance.
  6. potatosalad

    2020 Expedition Production Information

    So did 19MY get a longer than usual production run?
  7. potatosalad

    First Ford!

    Hi, new to bof and Fords in general (although I've wanted a mustang since I was little). Got a used 17 Base Explorer a few months ago. Loving it so far for my family (apart from the whole burnt smell under WOT), very fun to drive, if not hugely economical :D