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  1. Zooks527

    2019 auto rev match

    No, just the GT.
  2. Zooks527

    Status of my Mustang GT

    My GT, waiting for a wheel since 2/18, flipped to "Awaiting Shipment" on 3/16, so the wheel-less cars are getting upfit and starting to move.
  3. Zooks527

    So much in this picture hurts

    I'll settle for anything north of two vicegrips clamped to the shaft.
  4. Zooks527

    So much in this picture hurts

    Things are looking up on the steering wheel front! My car, waiting for a wheel since 2/18, was is now showing as "Released for Shipment" on 3/16. Steering Wheel Purgatory does have an end !
  5. Zooks527

    2019 Mustang GT

    Great news! Thank you !
  6. Zooks527

    2019 Mustang GT

    Good morning, and thank you for last week's status. 2019 Mustang GT, VIN 1FA6P8CF2K5156797 Thank you for any information available this week.
  7. That's still better than offering them without steering wheels. 😉
  8. Zooks527

    So much in this picture hurts

    It's good for a few laughs if nothing else. My wife was telling it to our mechanic when she was in his shop a few weeks ago, and he was just dumbfounded. Then there was this conversation I had with my salesman yesterday after he called Ford after realizing we were 2 weeks past the latest delivery date that he had been told: SM: "Hey, how are you doing?" Me: "Living the dream. And yourself?" SM: "Me too. Hey, we saw your car was well past the estimated delivery date, and called Ford to find out why. You won't believe this." Me: "What, that it's sitting in a parking lot at Flat Rock without a steering wheel?" SM: "You knew?" Me: "Yeah. Came off the line on 2/18 and has been parked for a month." SM: "Um, yeah. Seems there was a part supply issue" Me: "Yup. Strike in Mexico resulted in them shutting down the line for 3 weeks, then making 8000 cars without wheels." SM: "How many??" Me: "8000. That's going to take a while to fix. Could be weeks. Could be months." SM: "Uh, yeah. The regional rep says they should have it 'worked out' by April 5, but that might just be the supply issue." Me: "Yeah. Who knows?" SM: "Well, you said you didn't want it while there was snow on the ground." Me: "Absolutely. April would work for me." As long as I had him off guard, I got him to agree to get me a hard copy of the brochure to keep along with the car.
  9. Zooks527

    So much in this picture hurts

    The 2/14 "In Production" tag with no "Awaiting Shipment" noted means your car was caught up in the 8000 Mustangs produced without steering wheels (as was mine). That "days to delivery" number is quite questionable. As an example, my car shows "In Production 2/18" and an estimated delivery date of 2/28. The online tracker dutifully counted down to 1 day on 2/27, stayed at 1 day on 2/28, and has since started counting up, now showing 16 days (i.e. the number of days between 2/28 and now). The system clearly isn't equipped to handle exceptions, and I'm surprised whoever programmed it didn't take into consideration the boundary cases where it hasn't' shown up by when it's supposed to. My tracker is shown below. There's been no real info as to how soon the cars without wheels will be upfit and shipped. A regional rep told my salesman that he's heard that everything will be "worked out" by April 5. I take that date with a grain of salt, as it would seem to imply that nearly 300 cars / day can be corrected and run back into the process. Still, it should get worked out some day. And, hey, maybe your car will be one of the early ones fixed. Then again, both yours and mine have been sitting in a lot a Flat Rock for a month, so sometimes cynicism can take over.
  10. Zooks527

    Rangers Without Parts To Ship?

    Oh, yeah, I know it's from the Matamoros strike caused by the new Mexican President raising the minimum wage, which then triggered the ~3-week-long strike by workers making wages that were initially set as a % above the old minimum. I would also assume that the plant supplying the wheels will be struggling to provide 8000 wheel over and above their planned run rate. Knowing why it happened doesn't tamp down much of the frustration with seeing the car just sitting there, though.
  11. Zooks527

    Rangers Without Parts To Ship?

    Thinking about how long it's going to take to (a) get 8000 steering wheels above what they need for continuing production and then (b) fit them to 8000 cars sitting around the plant is somewhat depressing when your car is one of those 8000. Well, I keep hearing that patience is a virtue.....
  12. Zooks527

    Rangers Without Parts To Ship?

    Many wheel-less Mustangs at Flat Rock. Sadly, I do believe mine is among them. Explorers at the Chicago Assembly Plant were also effected, at least according to the Detroit Free Press.
  13. And my wife wondered why I didn't even bother returning the headhunter's call when I was prodded about a possible management slot at Tesla's plant last fall.
  14. Zooks527

    2019 Mustang GT

    Good day. Thanks for the last update, and hope your vacation went well. When last seen, my Mustang GT was produced but just sitting, and I think I may have found myself in Steering Wheel Purgatory at the Flat Rock Plant. But, maybe things are moving again. 2019 Mustang GT, VIN 1FA6P8CF2K5156797 Thanks for any information. Also, may I ask a thread etiquette question? Is it preferable to wait until the next time for an update to say "thank you" (to avoid needless bumps of the thread), or is an immediate "thank you" OK?
  15. And another reason to not buy a Volvo goes on the pile. Granted, the last time I was at or above that speed was in an M3 on a track, but it just seems to shove the nanny button in so hard that it comes out of the back of the panel.