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  1. So to end this story, the dealer and the dealer rep. took charge, dug in and got my Ranger out of "Ramp Jail" (blocked by other Rangers on the Ramp and pushed to later delivery dates). I took delivery this afternoon. This is why I bought from this dealer, Seymour Ford. See Below:
  2. I understand the transportation costs, just not the delay noted in the later post. Thanks for all you do ice-capades.
  3. So here is an update that I think all will be interested in: I have so far contacted, the dealer, Ford Customer Service, and a link into the Plant. The plant says we are done when built, Customer Service just points to the dealership and the last update I have is that the vehicle is trapped by production vehicles that are set aside due to lack of components. Below is the current status: As you can see the vehicle has been released and awaiting shipment since 1/31/2019, where this has been planned for 2/3, 2/10, and now 2/28 with a manual override. Now the "tracking" site identifies "Awaiting Shipment" to take from a few days to a week. Bottom-line here is do not sell your current ride (I did) based on the information in the Ford Vehicle Tracker. I now have no car and plans to leave for FL. on 2/14. Right now I am a fully frustrated and dissatisfied Ford customer to the point of looking at Colorado's. Yuck. So if there is any Ford employee that can get my truck out of jail before 2/14 please assist. Thanks.
  4. Have a Ranger "awaiting shipment" (not part of a yard hold) for 2 weeks and only 60 miles from Michigan Assembly. Pathetic performance. A flat bed truck could deliver for a quarter of the destination/delivery charge. A very disappointed customer.
  5. I assume this is a new (2019) Ranger. Lucky you, I'm still waiting. Just guessing here, but you might be hearing a cold turbo windup. Most of us are not familiar with the turbos and what sounds they may make. I for one am very interested in what you find out.