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    Climate Control Problems

    I didn't really think it was the battery since it was able to start it at -25. That's freakin' cold! Although, I do believe that the low voltage situation while starting the car at -25 did cause the problem. After more research I found that just pulling the plug that goes into the fuse panel by the emergency brake resets the system - you could also pull the negative battery cable. It takes awhile for the system to come back online but when it did everything worked. It's a Microsoft product so of course you have to reboot it occasionally. 😉
  2. I have a 2011 MKX. I tried to start my MKX one cold morning (-25). It clicked once and did not start. I pushed the starter again and it started but since that time the climate control has not worked properly. The heat comes on in defrost mode only - I cannot change anything. The touch screen works on everything except the climate control settings. The climate control 'On' button is displayed as if the heating/cooling system is off. It makes sounds when I press the buttons like the 'On' button, the heated and a/c seats but they do not come on and the display does not indicate that they are on. The other buttons on the counsel like temp + and -, fan control, and the radio tune and seek buttons also do not work. It appears as if the controls are working but there's no power to the devices and therefore no indication that they turned on. I tried to find a fuse to these devices but every fuse I checked was fine. I've read several other posts that are similar but are not quite the same as my problem. Any help would be appreciated.