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    Aviator GT Order

  2. Wheeling

    A customer review

    https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=lincoln+aviator&view=detail&mid=8F494820DAEB25301C888F494820DAEB25301C88&FORM=VIRE Looks like a customer review of a preserve. The reviewer is out of words except for "beautiful", funny.
  3. I'm sure I'm not alone in expecting a decent pure EV range as a buying point. The power of the Aviator is already excellent and better than most midsize SUV on the market. Even better performance is not necessary for most people. On the other hand, if the pure EV range can cover daily commute for most people, it will be the best of both world. Not using gas on daily commute and not to worry long range driving, would be a big selling point for Lincoln.
  4. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1122955_lincoln-plug-in-hybrids-and-evs-are-part-of-its-renewal-not-just-for-california 13kwh and 20 miles pure EV for the GT, disappointing
  5. Was planning to take a lot pictures, but can't get in. No need to take outside shots. I did get into the Navigator, it was nice.
  6. Saw the Aviator in person today in Auto Show, can't get in though. Overall impression is relatively smaller than I expected. The roof really sloped back a lot. But it is really a beauty!
  7. Is this because that the Aviator is rwd and the engine has to be parallel rather than transverse like in a fwd car so the engine compartment is longer and the passenger compartment is smaller ? Wondering what are the dimensions of the 2020 Explorer.
  8. There is something wired about the 2020 Aviator's size. It is bigger on the outside than the current Ford Explorer, but significantly smaller on the interior dimensions., particularly the third row leg room and total volume. Where does the space go? Maybe the seats are larger and the sheet metals and insulation are thicker? Wondering what the dimension of the new Explorer will be. Ford Explorer (2019) Lincoln Aviator (2020 ) Wheel base 112.8 119.1 length 198.7 199.3 height 70 69.8 Width (w/o mirror) 78.9 79.6 Leg rm (1st) 42.9 43 Leg rm (2nd) 39.5 40.1 Leg rm (3rd) 33.3 29.2 Head rm (1st) 41.4 38.7 Head rm (2nd) 40.6 38.4 Head rm (3rd)) 37.8 36.9 Shoulder rm (1st) 61.5 61.5 Shoulder rm (2nd) 61 61.3 Shoulder rm (3rd) 50.8 54 Passenger volume 151.5 140.5 Cargo behind 3rd row 21 18.3 Cargo behind 2nd row 43.9 41.8 Cargo behind 1st row 81.7 77.7 Curb weight 4458 4764
  9. Wheeling

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Is the theme only for BL or for all aviators? How do you choose which wood inlay or aluminium? Can you choose at all for non-BL?
  10. Wheeling

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Is the theme only for BL or for all aviators? How do you choose which wood inlay or aluminium? Can you choose a all for non-BL?
  11. Wheeling

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Just for the 3rd row leg room, Q7 is the same at 29.2 in. XC90 is 31.9 in, MDX is 28.1 in, QX60 is 30.8 in. Both MDX and Q7 are notorious for its baby third row seats. The Aviator has the longest wheel base among all mid size three rows. If the leg room increases 3 to 4 inches for the 3rd row, it will be perfect and nobody can criticize it for that.
  12. Wheeling

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    I was hoping Aviator would be the biggest mid size. It has the longest wheel base, but not the interior size. Q7 is notorious for its small interior size and it is not a good thing to be on its league. I don't want to see comments like "the 3rd row should be best left for children." Aviator is almost perfect, except for the 3rd row leg room. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Wheeling

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    The 3rd row leg room is not 40.1", but a mere 29.2". A little disappointed. The Aviator has the longest wheel base among midsize SUV at 119", but the 3rd row space is among the shortest. And the passenger volume is also not big at 140.5. Wish it could be slightly bigger.
  14. Wheeling

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    I heard it is about 200 inches in length, that would not be small for a midsize SUV. But let's wait and see. I'm also waiting for more details. Planing for next year.