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    Hello to all my fellow Ford fans!

    Hi everyone, finally decided to set up an account here. I've worked Ford well, this February 2019 will be 30 years (and counting) for me. I started out at Wixom assembly in Wixom Michigan back in '89 building Lincolns. I eventually got transferred to Dearborn Michigan assembly because Wixom assembly closed. I'm extremely happy at Dearborn assembly as a roll tester where we build the iconic and ever-popular F-150. At Ford, my dad also worked 37 yrs, my brother almost 30 yrs, another brother about 10 yrs before he got hurt on the job and had to take a disability leave. My grandfather also work for Ford, though I'm not sure for how long. So it's easy to tell I've been in a Ford family for decades and I'm super proud to be.