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  1. The RSE is extremely disappointing. For $2000 I feel I got screwed to say the least, lol. I can overlook that there's no DVD player and I have to rip old movies to an SD card (but then why make me pay $225 for a USELESS CD player??? Isn't that even more obsolete than a DVD????) The HDMI input is nice because I can plug a fire stick in and it works great. The HUGE problem is the lack of a direct connection to the vehicle sound system. After a frustrating hour, I was able to connect the monitors to the vehicle sound via the bluetooth connection. Despite the fact that I have to disable my phone's Bluetooth (or disconnect it from CarPlay) the sound works, BUT there is a second delay between the actors' lips moving and the sound. I mean, really... how much money do I have to spend to NOT have that problem? Is it unreasonable after spending almost $100K on a car to have an audio SOURCE say REAR SCREEN? I would love to be able to run a cable from the headphone jack into the AUX input, but NOOOOOO there is no AUX input anymore!!! UGH. So now, per the suggestion on another thread I'm going to try out one of those FM modulator things. At least then I'll (fingers crossed) have a connection that doesn't require me to disconnect my phone and hopefully allow me to watch a movie with audio in sync.
  2. I'm trying to research something now, but I doubt it. If only Lincoln had left an aux port in the vehicle that would have at least helped. There's no lag coming from the headphone port on the headset obviously. Ugh. I'm so mad.
  3. OMG. Why didn't Lincoln hardwire those monitors into the vehicle sound system??? Every other vehicle does that! For $100K I want to press RSE as a SOURCE for Audio. Ugh... instead, I have to disconnect my phone entirely so that it will even recognize the monitors' bluetooth and then the kicker is that the audio lags. I wish there was a way to disconnect the cd player (that will NEVER be used) and somehow use that connection to hardwire the rear monitors into the vehicle.... there HAS to be a way! This is so stupid! What surprises me most is that I haven't seen more outrage about this in my internet searches regarding the Lincoln RSE.