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  1. Turned out to be a break somewhere on the VT wire from the inside fuse box and the fuse box under the hood on behind fuse 2.18. Too much trouble to dig through the wiring harness so I ran a wire from the brown connector to the other fuse box.
  2. Thanks YT. All connectors are seated. The problem is somewhere in the 2.18 circuit. Brake lights are not working. No power at the brake switch. Diode has no power. PCM relay has no power. Fuel pump relay has no power. Everything else works. Do you have a schematic or access to one? I would like to know the wiring diagram after the 2.18 fuse.
  3. Also, there is no power at the brake light switch.
  4. Thanks YT for the reply. I have 12.3V and the fuse is good KOEO
  5. My retired parents bought this 06 new and it now has 197K on the clock. Dad was driving down the road and the engine died. When he tried to crank it, it would not turn over so they had it towed. The anti-theft light is flashing and does not go off, there is 12V to the data connector but neither of my code readers can link to the computer. Used a jumper wire to the starter and the engine turns over just fine. Disconnected the battery about 10 times and left it disconnected up to 7 days this last time. Touched the negative and positive battery cables to drain any ghost capacitor charges. Dealership said it is probably a fuse but all fuses checked OK...both under the hood and under the dash. Removed the ground attached to the car above the battery, scraped paint from the surface, and used a wire brush on the connector AND surface. There is 0 resistance between the metal and the battery ground wire. The car will not shift out of PARK when I press the brake and the ignition is ON. Any help would be great because we cannot afford a dealer visit right now. Thanks, Randel