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  1. majestik

    Unable to find valid dealer code on DORA

    After a long wait, the VIN was updated on the dealer site's tracker. With the VIN I was able to request information through the Ford Performance live chat.
  2. majestik

    Unable to find valid dealer code on DORA

    Apparently, orders placed through the military dealers are not traceable through the online tracker.
  3. majestik

    Hello all

    Today is my Raptor's birthday ... I can wait!!!
  4. majestik

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    I just wanted to say thank you to @ice-capades for this info. Very useful. Thank you
  5. majestik

    Hello all

    Hi, I'm a long time Ford owner from a Ford family. Some I've owned are the 86 Taurus, 99 Explorer, 01 F-150, 06 Escape, 07 Escape Hybrid, and now a 16 Escape. My dad has a 64 F150 that he traded his 72 F150 for a while back. The 64 is a favorite of mine, but I've got a 19 Raptor on order so that will probably change soon.
  6. I am trying to find out the status of my order and have my DORA to go off of with no VIN. I know that it should be possible to track with the dealer code and order number. I have chat with Ford Performance, and they were not yet able to find the order. My question is in regards to the dealer code. I believe I've found enough information online to read the DORA and pick out the dealer code (in my case it is 9EA902), however this does not appear to be a valid dealer code. Based on what I have found online, most other DORAs indicate that the order is " NEW ORDER ** DEALER SUBMITTED ** ".. mine, however, states " NEW ORDER ** DISTRICT SUBMITTED ** ". Does the district submission prevent me from tracking the order since it does not have a valid dealer code, or is there some other way to find the dealer code? (my dealer does not know their dealer code, or is not providing it to me). 2019 DEALER ORDER RECEIPT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT-FD PAGE 3 DEX9EA NEW ORDER ** DISTRICT SUBMITTED ** 11/14/18 DEX9EA 9EA902 OVERSEAS MILITARY SA DEX9EA BODY W1R BEGIN ORD 1093 # UNITS 001 PRIORITY 80 DEX9EA SPEC ORD# ORDER TYPE 9S FIN CODE EX001 DEX9EA DORA PROCESSED 11/14/18 PM DEX9EA ORDER RCPT DATE 11/14/18 SCHD / / DEX9EA ASSEMBLY PLANT PLANT NOT FOUN VIN # TFW1RG K DEX9EA