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  1. Yes, definitely finger pointing and laying blame on the finance guy! Finance guy on the Navigator told me it didn't make sense since I was leasing it. I wasn't going to get it anyways, especially on a lease, but he was very up front about it and didn't try to sell it.
  2. Question regarding using the Waze app via Sync 3 on the Navigator. Do you have to have your phone, iphone in this case, connected via USB to use to Waze app? I have used it through Apple CarPlay and also by disconnecting CarPlay and using MobileApps but wanted to confirm if you had to have the phone connected via USB.
  3. My wife's BMW recognizes speed limit signs but it picks up the school speed limits also so it's not perfect. I have found it misses some occasionally also. Overall it works very well but it's been wrong before also.
  4. C130

    Wheel and Rim Warranty? Other add-ons?

    They offered us a package that included a bunch of stuff all in one. I believe it includes door dings, wheel damage, carpet, leather stains, etc. It was about $40 per month. We are coming out of BMW's which we have leased for a while and everything was offered separately. I thought it was fairly reasonable for everything it covered, I know those wheels aren't cheap. I believe the coverage is limited to $10,000 worth of damage.
  5. C130

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    Congratulations! I really like the cappuccino but wife decided against it. She was discussing the jeans and them rubbing off, used to do that in an XC90 we had. Yes, the ride is incredible! Pretty amazing vehicle You still in the military or out? I’ve been out since 03, it’s been a while.
  6. C130

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    We went and picked up a new 2019 Reserve today, black with russet interior. Tow and cargo packages, Revel stereo, perfect position seats, allow weather floor mats. X Plan and zero markup on the money factor. Got it from Bayway Lincoln in Houston, very happy with the entire experience and everyone we dealt with was awesome.
  7. I'm not for sure if the Lincoln plan is different than the Ford plan or not. I just know the Ford plan was a ripoff. If they replace the brakes, which are covered, I will feel a little better about it but still won't ever buy it again. If they don't replace the brakes then it is even worse and I am having doubts the brakes on my F450 will need replaced by 100,000 miles. Even if they are close I have doubts the dealer will replace them. Maybe your dealer will be better but stay on top of what is supposed to be included. They don't fill up my diesel exhaust fluid half the time and the last time I had it serviced the manager told me I didn't ask for it though it is included in the maintenance plan. I found out abut the fluid flushes last time I had it serviced. They wanted to flush the coolant, transmission, and brakes, cost was well over a thousand dollars. I told them that was included in my plan and was told no, my plan just includes "adding fluids". That's not what the plan states but nowhere can I find out the definition according to Ford. I also bought the extended warranty and haven't had to use it which I am fine with. I would buy it again but not the maintenance plan. If your plan states "flush" I would feel much better about it. I believe mine states something like "change transmission fluid". I know the manager told me directly that the finance guys lie all the time and he has to deal with it. Maybe he's lying himself!
  8. I bought he maintenance plan and extended warranty on my F450. The maintenance plan is the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. The finance guy told so many lies about what it covered. I had never bought it before but thought 'd try it. The service manager told me it's a big issue within their finance guys who try and sell this stuff at any cost so they lie about it. Then the service department has to deal with irate customers who find out their coolant flush, transmission flush, etc isn't covered. I constantly have to check everything they do that is covered, half the time they don't even do what is included in the plan. The latest argument is what "changing transmission flu
  9. Because they are the closest dealership to our home, closest of any manufacturer. We had been very interested in the Navigator for a while but as most know once you start leasing with one dealer/manufacturer it's very easy to keep it going. We always do the BMW 'pull ahead" and it has some advantages. They also offer us some of the add ons for free, usually for any one I add on they will match another for free. It wasn't the sales person alone, it's their manager. Arrogant, conceded jerk. They used to have the best staff I've dealt with at any dealership, things have changed. We have several friends that left this dealership also, long time customers, high end BMW's, they now drive another brand. So, we just decided if we were going to have to drive further to a dealership anyways plus the fact we were really interested in a larger SUV we were done with BMW for a while. We went to the BMW dealership like we have done on every other BMW lease with the full intention of leaving in a new BMW. There's more to the story but it was their last chance. Plus the more we looked at the Navigator the less we liked the BMW. My wife's current BMW lease is up next month. If Lincoln brings the MF down on the 19's I'm pretty sure we'll get one. No way will I pay over 5% MF on a lease, if that's the case I'll purchase it or get another vehicle. Looks like 2.9% financing on 60 months now. not sure on the MF. I also didn't mean to slam any care salesmen. It's just a fact many move from dealer to dealer and very few make it as a true career, at least in the larger cities. I know a few salesmen that are true professionals and they have made a nice career out of selling vehicles.
  10. I have not been impressed by Lincoln sales people myself but very few car salesmen are actually professional no matter the dealer or how high end. There are exceptions but the bad ones ruin the reputation of many. I just don';t understand why they have to continually lie. The Navigator will sell itself, no need to lie. We have been long time BMW customers and our local BMW dealer who I have dealt with for quite a few years pulled some very unethical tricks a month ago. Due to that one experience we are done with BMW for the near future. We went in to get in another new lease and walked out saying we want be customers now. This dealership used to be outstanding in all aspects but started going downhill about three years ago. I have always had items offered but not added automatically without taking them off if I told them I'm not paying for them. I have had that happen once and I told them I didn't want it, wasn't paying for it, and they took the price off to keep the sale. When I got in to a dealership I just want to be treated profesionally and no BS. I don't want to be told how bad Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc is, just tell me how good the vehicle I'm interested is. I had a sales guy recently start slamming Mercedes, I mean come on. All of the luxury vehicles are nice, none of them are crappy, so need need to out down another competitor. People buying these vehicles aren't stupid.
  11. C130

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    Local dealer is a huge Ford dealer and also a Lincoln dealer, they have both on the same lot. They sell Black Label's also.
  12. Thanks, already had one bad experience with West Point. I called about one online and they informed it it was on the lot. Drove over there and they told me they had just sold it. It had the russet interior which we wanted to see in person. I asked to see it and they told me the buyers had already left. No way they sold it between me calling and arriving. I guess it's possible but highly unlikely that everything was completed within an hour. My closest dealer, Planet Lincoln, has zero interest in getting one from another dealer, even a dealer owned but he same person. I found done we wanted in Dallas also, Planet wouldn't help in getting it. I'm just going to try to get one directly from whichever dealer has one we want, I'm tired of dealing with Planet. Sales guy is nice but shows zero interest in selling one that's not on their lot and they don't have many and they have zero equipped the way I want it.
  13. C130

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    What dealer? Looked online today at Bluebonnet but they only showed two and both 2 wheel drive. Friend of mine in Bulverde buys from all of his trucks from them and told me to check them out.