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  1. TexasAggie02

    Garmin Dash Cam Hardwire Install

    Yep that’s what I ended up doing as well. Used a snake to get it behind the curtain air bag to the headliner. Then down the A Pilar with the molding removed.
  2. I searched over and over to see if anyone had info on installing a dash cam on the 18-19 Navigator and couldn’t find anything except some taps for radar detectors to the rear view mirror. It’s really about the same as the 15-19 F-150 (I have a ‘18 F-150 that I did last year). However, I couldn’t figure out how to remove the A Pillar trim piece on these vs the F-150 it’s easy. I took a video and thought I’d share in case anyone does something similar and it can save a few steps. Garmin Dash Cam Install Happy to answer any questions and apologies for my bad video techniques.
  3. TexasAggie02

    Ordered New Navigator - Delivered with 65 miles?

    Thanks both of you. Couldn’t tell if it was made up or not. I would have waited more to get it cleaned but already waited 4 more hours and had to go pick up the kids so we couldn’t afford anymore delays. It’s a great truck - wife loves it. Just wish the delivery experience was better after a month of additional delays.
  4. I special ordered a '19 Navigator Reserve on 11/1 and finally picked it up on 2/1. After the salesman cleaned the wrong vehicle and then having to "find" my Nav again on the lot and then have it cleaned, I was surprised when I got in that it had 65 miles on the odometer already. The finance person thought it was a mistake when they were processing the paperwork. I asked the salesman about it and he said "oh it must have gone through some extra QC checks - 1 in 50 Navigators go through that". Even though they detailed it, I was also surprised at generally how dirty the inside still was (smudges, etc...). Is that a true statement or covering up for something else (i.e. owner of the dealership driving it for a few days)? Maybe I'm just being paranoid and should just enjoy the truck, but my spidey sense says it was a good story that may not be true.
  5. TexasAggie02

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    North Park Lincoln. I ordered a ‘19 Reserve on 11/1 - should be here in 2-3 weeks. Long wait but hopefully worth it. They didn’t blink at X Plan and accepted it right away. Happy to put you in touch with my salesman. We are on the younger age for Lincoln - 38 for my wife and I.
  6. TexasAggie02

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    My local dealer in San Antonio is honoring X-Plan on ‘19s.