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  1. And who are you to say it's foolish? It was just a matter of convenience. Sure, NOW it seems foolish, I'll give you that. And, I guarantee you I'll never do that again. 😃
  2. So, it seems they can't find my truck. Really! Maybe it's on a container ship to Nairobi. 🙄
  3. Thank you gentlemen, but I DID sign the papers. I ordered on 10/1/18 and applied for loan same day. Loan approval expired in 45 days, so I signed all the paperwork 11/12, just before expiration because I was too lazy to reapply for loan. The dealership has been paid and my first payment looms shortly. To make matters worse, I traded my pristine low mileage 2015 SD on the same day, and it's since been sold. I bought a winter beater, 07 Ford XL (Tennessee truck, no rust) with 215,000 miles on it for cheap. Heck, it has rollup windows. That's what I'm driving now. What really bugs me is that the new truck is probably sitting out under the stars exposed to rain, snow, condensation, bird crap and whatever. We all know letting a vehicle sit for too long is not good. The batteries lose charge, the finish fades and such. I garage my vehicles, so the thought of it sitting out with no love makes me cringe. Ford really needs to take a look at their vehicle logistics.
  4. Just chatted with Ford customer service and they tell me my truck is still sitting at KTP awaiting shipment. This is outrageous. No excuse in the world for it to sit for over 60 days. I will seek legal advice on Monday to see if I can back out and buy another similar truck in my region.
  5. "super prodded" is code for what?! 🤣
  6. Thank you. 1FT8W3BT0KED28485 http://vin.maniacs.info/FordSticker.html?title=1ft8w3bt0ked28485
  7. So, I ordered Super Duty 10/1/18. To this date, no truck. NOBODY knows where it is, or at least they won't give me a straight answer. Ford tracking and Palsapp are useless, as is Ford customer service and my dealer. I know these things take time so I'm not sure at what point I should start seeking answers, as in seeking legal advice, filing complaints, etc. So, how long is too long? Thanks.
  8. Raw

    Love Ford trucks

    I sure will, if I ever get it. 😃
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    Anyone with an auto transport recommendation?

    If it doesn't violate any rules, care to reveal what Minnesota dealer that was?
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    Drive your car off the line program

    Oh man, I wish they would have fly and drive. I love a good road trip. No (good) reason to build the truck and then have it sit for 60 days at the factory parking lot. I cringe at the thought of my new truck sitting out under the stars exposed to the elements, bird crap and whatever. My trucks are babied and garaged.
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    Love Ford trucks

    Newbie here. Grew up Chevy, but solid Ford truck lover now. Many Ford trucks along the way: 1965 F100 2wd 1985 F150 2wd 1992 Tempo (don't ask) 1993 F150 2wd 2006 F150 2wd new 2008 F150 4wd new 2013 F250 gasser 4wd new 2015 F350 diesel 4wd new Waiting on 2019 F350 Diesel 4wd ordered on 10/01/2018 Thanks for having me.