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  1. Alright, here are things I have learned so far: - 3GB trial showed me that you either should go with the $20 unlimited plan or expect data plan to rack up quick! - Amazon fire stick is super easy plug and play after hotspot connection BUT you cannot run two different programs from it. - I have Samsung cell phones. The phone's internet will not work right in the car if you have configured it to talk to the navigator WiFi. Remove that connection from your phone and all is well for phone surfing/internet interfacing. - Unless you have Apple, disable the setting in the car. - I downloaded the $40 version of WinX Platinum DVD Ripper to my laptop and burned over 60 DVD's in two days (I don't want to deal with it again) to a 128GB SD chip ($40 at best buy) and 256GB thumb drive ($70 at best buy for a back-up). Follow the program prompts and recommendations, its super straight forward and works for all of your DVD's. I did try the ipad configiration (reluctantly), but I have to admit that part of the reason we got the car/system was to remove all the things that go along with extra devices/cables/plugs/. . . I also used an external HD which would work if that's what you have but may require power or tucking the component behind the monitor. Note that the fire stick/roku might require the power plug. . . I've found little use for the Bluetooth or wifi SmartView but it could be fun to project a photo slideshow or video taken from your phone if that's your thing. You could also cast internet content (youtube) from your phone but. . . . Whatever works for you. I did download content to Samsung tablets and Ipads, connected to the device by WiFi/BT/cable and still the copyright "handshake" wouldn't let anything go. The thumb drive and SD card have by far been a preferred option. There's the one time cost of the chips (should have been included in the car) and software but that's it. Full control of the content and availability (not movie time, remove the chips). No configuration conflict nightmares. Two or one user configiration available (not an option for ANY WiFi connectivity-single source only). And if you use the SD card, there is nothing to break off/break when someone is passing through/reaching around, etc. We all love our people, old and young. . . Let's be kind to one another to figure out the ridiculous headaches so we can have more time for those peeps 🙂
  2. I thought so too but it wasn't that easy. The copyright and security restrictions take the grease out of those skids.
  3. We just got our new Navigator and, to date, I've spent more time in the back seat than front trying to configure the entertainment system on this "amazing" black label beast. I've come to the conclusion I need to somehow download all the DVD's to a SD card or thumb drive so our 4, 5, and 6 year old don't recreate war in the back of this car. Please tell me how you have successfully completed this (software) so the two monitors show two movies. I have started a WinX DVD to AD rip.. . Any other advice?