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  1. Scott526

    Police suv cockpit

    At the end of the day if ford could fix the left side of the floorboard and give more room I would have nothing to say. I hope they r able to fix this issue. It might not be a issue for some but it is a big issue for others
  2. Scott526

    Police suv cockpit

    The problem with the police suv thing made the floorboard jacked up. It is different then the civilian model. They need to fix the left side for the left foot.
  3. Scott526

    Police suv cockpit

    I agree the Vic was good. The charger was great. The suv sucks. I hope ur right twintornado about 2020. But it might take me another year to retire my vehicle.
  4. So ford said first rate driver area. The ford police suv are the most uncomfortable vehicles. I’m 6’2 210 and everytime I work a shift in these things my back and hip hurts. Does anyone else have this problem. If the vehicle was more comfortable I would like the vehicle 100% but this is a big problem. When will they fix the problem.