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  1. Joe Oliver

    Mustang Through the Years

    Thanks Rich. That’s a very nice looking car with street cred to boot! And yes, the looks and waves are always appreciated and welcome.
  2. Joe Oliver

    Mustang Through the Years

    Hi, I’ve been reading the various forums (particularly those concerned with the Mustang) and was wondering if any members would like to share their Mustang experience(s)? I’ll start ... I bought my first Mustang used, a 1967 hardtop with 98K miles. Kept that for a couple of years until it was totaled in a collision. At one point a 302 replaced the 289 engine but that was mostly because my friends could help me out and we did this as a high school auto shop project. After losing the ‘67, I purchased a ‘75 followed by a ‘76 after my dad agreed to buy my ‘75 because I was drooling over the Cobra II (yeah, the same type Farrah Fawcett drove in Charlie’s Angels if you remember that!). I had the Cobra II for about 9 years and then bought a new ‘85 GT (my students always referred to it as “the 5.0” —never preceded it with “Mustang”). The ‘85 was replaced 10 years later with a ‘95 GT and, 13 years later in 2008, by an ‘09 GT/CS. I’m currently waiting for the arrival of a ‘19 GT/CS. I’ll close with this (and this is mostly for those who work at Ford Motor Company), each of the aforementioned Mustangs, with the exception of the first, were owned for 10 or more years and driven well over 100K miles without any significant mechanical, body or other problems. I think this speaks to the engineering, build and quality processes at Ford and the people who make the Mustang. I’m a lifetime fan and very much have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the experience of driving these cars. What is your “history” with the Mustang?
  3. Would any owners of ordered 2019 Mustangs like to offer their vehicle delivery time in days from ramp in Flat Rock to Southern California via rail? I would just like to get a sample of responses to get an idea of the time. I realize a lot is dependent on configuration, time of year and supply chains. As I said, I’m just trying to work up a statiscal point of reference. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
  4. Joe Oliver

    2019 B&O sound system

    Thank you both! Good information and pictures to boot! Very informative and finally let me put my unrest over the decision not to get this option to bed. Thanks again!
  5. Joe Oliver

    2019 Mustang Gt Premium with a 401a Package

    I hear you. If I could’ve found the car with that option along with the 3.55, 401a, and a few others I would’ve taken it. As it turned out, I had to order the car and when it came to actually adding in the options, I decided not to. I’ll have to live without.
  6. Joe Oliver

    2019 Mustang Gt Premium with a 401a Package

    Thanks! I ended up not ordering that option. Nobody's ever complained about the sound of the exhaust in the morning with my 2009. Thanks again!
  7. Joe Oliver

    2019 B&O sound system

    Thanks POJ1. Are you saying there's no box jutting out like it was with the Shaker 1000?
  8. Joe Oliver

    2019 Mustang Gt Premium with a 401a Package

    Thanks akirby. I did see that but the wording on the webpage I cited is misleading as written so I was just trying to see which was the actual case. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Hi, Can anyone tell me if the 401a package in a GT Premium, automatic with a 401a package includes the Active Valve Performance Exhaust? When I go to the vehicle order tracking system website and enter the VIN I see the Window Sticker link and a list of links below, one of which is "Model Information" then "Packages" followed by a number of other links one of which is "401a." When I click this link I see the following: Package Highlights Active Valve Performance Exhaust System with Quad 10-speed SelectShift® Automatic Transmission 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 Is the Active Valve Performance Exhaust included? Thanks for any information you can provide.
  10. Joe Oliver

    2019 B&O sound system

    I was concerned about the use of trunk space for the sub-woofer in the 2019 Mustang and looked high and low for an example ( in Southern California mind you, where the Ford dealerships are fairly numerous and within a reasonable driving distance). I could not find a single one so opted to just order the car without the B&O. Still, the question lingers. Can anyone tell me from an owners perspective what you are dealing with in terms of loss of trunk space?